[PC] Distribution of home matches in round-robin

With stadiums having a potential effect on match results, it's assumed that home/away matches would automatically be distributed as evenly as possible in a league. But at least for round-robin, that is not the case. There are several examples in our league of a team getting 6 or 3 home matches (instead of 4 or 5, which would be as even as is possible).

I'm assuming this is a bug. If it isn't, consider this a suggestion to change it so that the distribution is even. Thank you.

We've now also discovered that this doesn't appear to be assigned entirely by random, but by some other method. Some teams appear to be favoured for getting more home matches, though by what variable we are yet to determine. For example, my team has gotten exactly 4 home matches for 9 seasons in a row, and there are plenty of more examples.

It would be very good if this were to be fixed, as it's clearly and obviously unfair to some coaches.

Just adding this to confirm there might be some bias involved.
"Women with Attitude" in the OCC has had a lot of Seasons with more Away games, with only one Season as an exception.

Season 4 - 4 Home games

Season 5 - 4 Home games

Season 6 - 4 Home games

Season 7 - 6 Home games

Season 8 - 4 Home games

Season 9 - 4 Home games

Season 10 - 4 Home games

I confirm there is some problems as well over 10 seasons I have had 4 home matches each season, and 5 away- and the same goes for 5 other coaches all playing Chaos over in OCC.

I find it disturbing that some get an disadvantage like this.

Could it please just be random 4 or 5 home matches for each, and not pre determined who will forever be a home coach and who will not be. I also hate the fact that some get 6 home matches in a season of 9 matches- when there are stadiums upgrade available.