Smoke should extinguish fire (except for incendiary grenades)

Fires from molotovs and burning vehicles should be extinguished by smoke, since the gas from the smoke grenade would cut off the oxygen from the fire which wouldn't allow it to keep burning the fuel. incendiary grenades would be exempt since the compound in those kinds of grenades contains an oxidant that allows for the reaction.

Of course the smoke grenade would need to be relatively close to the fire, optimally, the more engulfed by smoke the fire is the less it burns.

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Ummm what? By that logic every housefire would put itself out because of all the smoke it generates... You can't be serious.

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Brah, this ain't no simulation. Not everything has to be scientifically simulated. This is literally the last thing the devs would ever do. This serves no game-play purpose and a very limited visual purpose that won't occur that frequently, It would be more of a tech-demo thing.

@jarple Erm, CS:GO has this exact mechanic OP is talking about. It's used all the time by players to put out molotov fires.

@Quadsword Yes but did you read what he said!? "incendiary grenades would be exempt"... The change suggested only affects one team really, unlike in CS:GO which IT DOES BOTH. If it's not both, then no. I've played CS:GO, I've put out fires with smoke too.

The maps were designed around this mechanic being a thing while these game hasn't taken the possibility into account and for it to be implemented now wouldn't do anything other than nerf the already less advantageous attacking side. You may have noticed on some maps that there are burning barrels, usually in darker areas and the surrounding position would be good to defend from but you're lit up from the nearby light source. Now imagine being on the defending side, close to one of these barrels but you extinguish the fire/light source and now you're very hard to see.

Smoke is way too easily spam-able. Imagine calling in smoke mortars on the objective, and boom, instantly negated the use of Molotovs for a minute plus. So erm, once again, this ain't no simulation. My suggestion to you is go play CS:GO if you want to shoot and put out fires with smoke.

Smoke from smoke grenades would NOT put out a fire. It'd make it harder for people to breathe (and smells nasty af) but the M18 smoke grenade is not an insta-void that depressurizes the whole room and freaking sucks in all the oxygen in instantaneously (that would actually cause a loud af sonic boom), neither does it spray a pressurized cloud of sodium bicarbonate (for CO2 to outcompete oxygen around the flame). Because its a CS:GO mechanic doesn't means its irl.

Wish you could downvote.

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