First person weapon model issues when moving aim

Only noticed on the AKM so far, but when looking down the inertia of the weapon causes the camera to view from an angle where there is no face/texture so the player sees through it.

1_1537136193717_20180916174718_1.jpg 0_1537136193716_20180916174707_1.jpg

Do you have an extra-wide screen? I find it kinda sad they didn't fully model the guns. Having what they expect to be just offscreen not modelled at all will of course lead to issues like this when leaning with gun obstructed.

Every game does that. It's a waste of processing power and dev time to either create assets or render things that won't be seen by the player in normal gameplay. In this case it only happens due to the model's inertia while moving, so it's just an oversight of somewhat of an edge case.

I'm on a regular 16:9 screen, 1920x1080.