Love the game, and I'm trying to spread it around and get more people playing. We like to get new people going and help them get to love the game.

What would be nice is some ability to kick players who are bragging about using a trainer to get all the armour/weapon unlocks at L1, or those that are terrible players in general. Some just can't be helped. Kick option is needed.

Just throwing it out there, but an Interrogator Chaplain wouldn't have any Heavy Weapons options. That just makes the Tactical obsolete. Give Chappie the Redemption and Hellfire as options with the Crozius and remove the Heavy option. The Chaplain really wouldn't go without a Crozius at all as it's the symbol of their office.

But really the game is good and the only thing that it is in dire need of is some form of kick option even if it's a votekick.