Missing File Privileges

I deleted the alpha when it was complete. I pre purchased the game via Steam. I am trying to download the game again and this is what I get....

An error occurred while installing Insurgency: Standstorm (missing file privileges):


Help. I am sure it is something simple, but I just can't figure it out right now. I have rebooted, cleared my cashes, deleted and tried to re install. nothing is working.

New World Interactive

The message comes from Steam and is telling you that Steam is unable to move/update the file which it just downloaded/preallocated space for.

This is typically caused by security software blocking the file or damaged harddrive sector.

I will check the SSD. My antivirus was putting it quarantine, but I deleted everything and turned it off and it still gave me the message.

Thank you for the response. As Mentioned, I will check my SSD.

well, no idea what was up, but I made room on another drive and it is installing. Thanks again.

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