Missing File Privileges

I deleted the alpha when it was complete. I pre purchased the game via Steam. I am trying to download the game again and this is what I get....

An error occurred while installing Insurgency: Standstorm (missing file privileges):


Help. I am sure it is something simple, but I just can't figure it out right now. I have rebooted, cleared my cashes, deleted and tried to re install. nothing is working.

The message comes from Steam and is telling you that Steam is unable to move/update the file which it just downloaded/preallocated space for.

This is typically caused by security software blocking the file or damaged harddrive sector.

I will check the SSD. My antivirus was putting it quarantine, but I deleted everything and turned it off and it still gave me the message.

Thank you for the response. As Mentioned, I will check my SSD.

well, no idea what was up, but I made room on another drive and it is installing. Thanks again.

I managed to figure it out myself. I think the problem happened from upgrading to Windows 10, which did some odd permissions things with that drive. I followed the steps on this page, and now Steam can install to that drive again: