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Hello all!

It's now been just over two months since Spintires: MudRunner launched, and it's our absolute pleasure to announce the first DLC for Spintires: MudRunner, The Valley.

We currently plan for this first DLC to release in February. It will be a free content update, and available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This first DLC will include brand new content for the game, in many different forms. Firstly, it will introduce a brand new map, also called The Valley, which is a very large heavily forested map. Similar to Deluge in the base game, you will start outside of a garage, and will need to claim one for yourself.

In addition to a brand new map, we will also be introducing three new powerful vehicles. These three vehicles can be used on any map, provided you have enough progression points unlocked. Like for other maps and their specific vehicles, you won't have to spend points to use these vehicles in The Valley.

There will be the A-969, a powerful 4x4 vehicle, specially adapted to the heavily forested terrain of The Valley.


The C-6317, a six-wheeled truck able to sport a wide arrangement of add-ons.


And the E-7429, a very large 8x8 truck with a special hidden talent. We'll have more information on each of these vehicles in the lead up to release, in weekly vehicle presentations and factsheets once again.


Not only will there be new vehicles and a new map in The Valley, but there will also be eight new addons.

These are as follows:

  • C-6317 Spare Wheel
  • A-969 Spare Wheel
  • A-969 Fuel Canisters
  • A-969 Garage Parts
  • A-969 Utility Attachment
  • E-7429 Advanced Trailer Hitch
  • E-7429 Repair Kit
  • E-7429 Garage Semi-Trailer (Also compatible with the E-7310 from the base game)
  • Medium log trailer (compatible with some trucks from the base game)

For the modders out there on PC, there will be some more assets for you to play with when making your maps and vehicles!

These are:

  • E-7310 trailer hitch
  • A broken tree asset, which is currently only used on the The Valley
  • A dirt road terrain overlay type, which is also currently only used on The Valley

Players will be able to muck around in The Valley as soon as the DLC is installed, so if you've just got the game, and not finished other maps, don't worry! You can get stuck into The Valley all the same.

Your goals on The Valley will be similar to classic maps, unlocking other garages and lumber mills around the map.

We look forward to sharing you more about the DLC as time goes on!


That's not all, though! In addition to this new DLC news, we'd like to say that we plan on doing a monthly community update for you all, sharing what we're working on, and introducing some cool things that we've seen from the community.

Talk to you soon!

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This is all great news!

Community Moderator - Spintires

Tons of wonderfull news! Thank you and the rest of MR team!

just saw the FB post, nice to see some extra content added. will be interesting to check out.

Nice! Looking forward to this and the monthly updates!

Heck’s yeah but why no mods on Xbox or PS4. Will there ever be a chance

Awesome to see this being announced, excited to see the new assets and trying out the valley! But I did see the files for the vehicles a while ago, though.

And the people rejoiced! Fantastic news guys!

Oh wow, this has really been a surprise, just in time, before I finish all the maps with 1 star (except aluvion, it seems impossible) thanks friends developers, I'm from PS4

Are you ever going to make mods available on xbox one and ps4?

@bmattox24 mods as in user created content or added content as in official game content? there bit of a difference.

got any pictures of the trucks

Community Moderator - Spintires


they will come to us 🙂

@iyagovos said in Announcing Free DLC - The Valley:

We'll have more information on each of these vehicles in the lead up to release, in weekly vehicle presentations and factsheets once again.

Maybe mods for console please I would play this game more if there was mods for console

im more hyped for the 4x4 and 6x6, not really a fan of the 8x8s

@travipatti412 just be happy we are getting a new map and vehicles for free. I know its not the kind of vehicles and myself have been looking for but atleast its a improvement. As long as the communtiy keeps voicing their ideas and opinions on what needs or should be added into the game maybe the dev team will follow. Theres a mod map called Gauntlet on pc i think it would be awesome if the dev team could get rights to it from the maker and implement it into the game as paid DLC because it cant be free due to them having to buy rights to it from the owner

Fantastic, thanks guys! Hope I don't get lost in the Valley. I got lost coming home in the fog from work one day!

Are we ever going to get pickup trucks and other challenges? Like hill climbs or trail races? There are only so many times you can run logs without getting bored.

@bam239 i agree if this game would steer away from strictly simulation of log hauling to more of the pure offroad this game would have amazing potential. Honestly nobody now days cares about a full simulation immersion. Thus the reason farming simulator introduced mods because nobody just wants to farm all day hell thats like having another job. I am glad we are seeing progress with a new map and vehicle release. Now as a community its up to us to give feedback on the content and let the devs know what direction to steer. Im like many people i would love to see a lifted jeep wrangler or old ford bronco, or 56 step side lifted chevy, with more offroad park feel maps. But this will all come in time if the devs are conscious enough to listen to the people that make them having a franchise possible.

@sloppyslingers agreed we the community do need to give feedback. otherwise they will think we are content with what they are doing and the direction the game goes. however remaking a real life vehicle is not all that easy legalwise. i am sure they can do something close though, just maybe not an exact copy. the game is based on logging for game play and will most likely favor this, even if other trail type vehicles and maps are introduced later on. i also agree they do need to listen (which they are), but also we both (community and company/devs) need to work together on things as well. right now it is just the community asking and the company listening, but not so much working together just yet.

Good, finally, some optimistic informations 🙂

Ótima noticia para jogadores de consoles, conteúdo novo, continue assim é spintires mudrunner vai longe, sempre atualizando conteúdo novo e dlc, muito feliz 😉😀😄😁

Thank you!!!!! I don't know if it's coincidence but it seems like my post in the other thread had most of its questions answered, thank you dev team for not leaving us console guys out. Sure it's not mods, but this post does give me hope for the future! Thanks again!

@8up-local im aware that they cant make exact models of vehicles that are requested due to copyrights but they can make their own spinoff kind of like GTA does. I also understand that this is a logging simulation game so the gameplay will be mostly built upon that, but they should make some offroad park themed map and give the option for free roam. Like the freeroam could disable points limitations so you could use whatever vehicles on a map you want. Honestly if the just made a old crappy looking truck that had big aggressive tires and 4wd people would love it doesnt even have to look good, hell could be rusted all to hell and it would still be awesome

Thank you so much, keep developing this great game. Love from Portugal

@iyagovos when could we expect to hear more about the release date of this content. As you know there are people bitting at the bit, to know when this content will be available

The game benefits from a lot of user created content with trucks and maps that far surpass standard ones.
Wouldn't it be MUCH better if the game developer team would focus on important aspects!?

  • creating a campaign, with a logical progression from mission to mission, carrying over new parts, components.
  • unlocking upgrades based on accomplishing missions, not readily available at any garage.
  • some temporal garages that some just repair but not new parts/addons
  • limited number of addons and if you abandon on a map a certain trailer you will have to recover it if you want it.
    and many more ideas.
    You should FOCUS on game play, intelligent game play not dumb mud.

Also multiplayer should have a type of floating server...because after you play 15-30 minutes and the host gets borred or needs to leave, all the other players will lose all that time they spent into that session. Don't make the game end because of the initial game host leaving.
And develop a proper multiplayer experience where you receive bonuses from doing objectives, being the fastest, doing the most things.
You have been paid quite handsomly (several millions have been made just in the first month of original Spintires game, not to mention the rest of the 4 years) for several years now, and you are selling the same old game.
It is incomplete even now and adding a measly map and a few trucks isn't making it any better.

@sloppyslingers oh i hear ya on the free roam bit for sure, i even made a thread asking about it. last i checked you could not play a map at all if the balance points are exceeded. which is another one of these little things that has been done to try and add more game play feel to the game i figure. which it does do it's job in adding more in that sense, but as in the original you could still play a map if exceeded. it just disabled achievements which worked well for most people. as usual though, time will tell.

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