Announcing Free DLC - The Valley

@sodoma i never compared mudrunner to GTA 5 , i was making a statement to Hayden that since he has played GTA on console he does not actually know what its like to play mudrunner therefor his standpoint on consoles or content needed for consoles is not valid. Im well aware that the Mudrunner team is small and dont expect more out of them. Just wish the would see the request of the community past their own views of what the game should be. The console players just want to have the same or atleast close to the same gameplay experience as those on PC. Many will say well if you want same gameplay then just get a PC. And for many thats not a option due to being on a budget and living paycheck to paycheck. They wpuld prefer get equal gaming experience with the consoles and games they have already invested their money into

Fair point.
I am afraid that "getting as same as possible game expirience" is actually more difficult than it might look. Just by principle of technical difference PC/console.
But because I definitely DON'T want to start another war on that topic, I end it here 🙂

@mr-t you nailed it on the head! Just a wasted DLC

@rubicon79 depends on the type of player. to you fellas it may seem like a waste, but to others it may not. i like the trailing side of the game, but i also like the logging side. imo it is all even better when you combine the two. lol

For the console audience is not a waste because they have been mislead from the beginning if I am not mistaken.
No mods support makes the game virtually sterile . Game used in the widest sense possible..
After 10 hours of game play you know all the maps
After several more you know all the shortest routes possible.
At that moment in time it dies out.
The multiplayer section is missing a lot and is faulty by wasting A LOT of time from the players.
Firstly, it is not that populated to begin with. You wait and wait and wait.
When it finally starts and you have a minimum of 3 players, very rarely will there be the same group to finish or stay almost to the finish. One will surely quit in the first 10 minutes.
The worst part is that, that one, if it is the host server, well, say goodbye to those 10 minutes.
Steam will say "hey you played 10 minutes" Yeah, Steam, thank you. How about you get working with your intimate partner and after they get you all warmed up and steamy they just stop and leave you hanging. 😉
So no, multiplayer is a failure, and it was from the first spintires 4 years ago, that saw many updates, revisions and suggestions, yet NOTHING happened to improve the experience.
Then we go into the real game.
Yes, I want a game centered around the russian harsh wilderness. It is amazing and great with the specific vehicles.
It has the subject I want to play.
But not this, this is junk w*nking while staring at the lady in the window.
Where is the gaming? Oh, me, the player, I have to imagine and create my own fantasy scenarios?! See above what it means.
Ok, if this is a limited sandbox type of game, then retail it for 2.99 not 29.99. And Mister game designer pay out of his 4 years of sales pockets the team from the publisher, because he sure as hell hasn't even provided initially to the original Spintires players.
Just buried head in sand and played dead until pissed off paying customers would go away, disgusted.

This world of Spintires has an amazing potential for an amazing gaming experience, but not when the guys behind it only search for get rich fast and F the rest, or are limited in their vision.
Get the person with a vision to make this game reach it's full potential. And it will show.
But ideas aren't free, especially when dealing with the greedy one, you make him pay through his nose.
As i see it in the long years of Spintires saga, there is one common thing since then. Beside the name of the game.
Maybe that is the problem, maybe that needs to be eliminated to allow the game to grow.

@mr-t You pretty much wrapped up everything i have been saying since November. Couldnt agree with you more, this game needs someone in charge to develop it to its full potential. It wouldnt be hard to implement a free roam mode for people that just want to trail ride without limitations. Nor would it be as difficult as the team says to put mods into the game and consoles could handle it. They just dont want to put forth the effort to grow and expand the game, they just throw you bread crumbs and the tell you to shut up when you complain that your hungry.

@sloppyslingers really the only thing needed for a free roam is to allow us to play a map when the map balance is exceeded. old version was like this and just disabled achievements when exceeded. unlike now where it will not allow you to play a map.

i highly doubt they want to limit the game, maybe more hold off on things to extend and spread the longevity of updates. which would possibly keep people interested longer by not giving us everything at once while at the same time giving them more time to work on things they might add later on.

while i do not fully agree with some of the things stated or claimed in this thread, there is a good bit i do agree with. main thing is for sure the game needs to open up more to other ideas of game play and content. i will say as i usually do though, just give things time to see where the game is headed and hopeful the community will make the right choices when providing the path for which the game should go. of course this is where the company/devs that are listening to the community will change to working with the community. i trust.

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You guys need to find a better wrench system on PS4, I find it hard sometimes to get the white dot I wish to pull towards. Thanks

@liondog177 maybe something like once the winch is selected to use the cam to point/look in the general direction, but then to be able to use the Dpad left/right to jump from point to point left/right? i do not play console so i am guessing this set up would not interfere with the other control inputs or it could over ride them if needed?

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Hi Pavel! I am a previous spintires owner and i bought spintires just after relase and it was anazing.The only thing that sucked was the camera. But you cant disagree about the fact that the game was kinda just laying in the shed for the intire time. Just one really improving update and thats about it. After that update the game have been pretty much untouched.

After a while i discovered the announcement of mudrunner which was supposed to bring back spintires game in the light. I was super pumped to play it and i preordered it right away on steam. When it was finaly released i played it for a while and was actually rather sad and dissepointed of the really small changes to the game. Not even ONE NEW MAP!? You have completely missed the point of remaking a good game and making us pay for something that is so close to the first game that i start to shink if you could have sticked to spintires and just impoved that game instead of making a new one so similar it would have been much better.

One thing that really drives me nuts is the fact that multiplayer and achivements are disabled when you get so sick of the same maps that you download a map from a website and you find yourself with those two things disabled. Why?
One last thing. Why are the grills fake. I know that it is because of copyright but the original game had everything from the real thing. Again why? Would like to get some answers so if you read this dev please answer. But dont quit the development. We are just giving you some advice from our point of view to make the game better.

@8up-local said in Announcing Free DLC - The Valley:

[...] i will say as i usually do though, just give things time to see where the game is headed and hopeful [...]

Weren't 4 years more than enough.
Ok, lets all "believe" the bad wolf was the other publisher, that hampered evolution and expansion of game ideas.
As the main guy behind a project, i will develop on my own said things, and lay the ground for the future full blown details.
And when changing with the new publisher i would already have everything set.

Personally, I will do as you say and wait. until november 2018 and see if this game delivers or not. It is SUFFICIENT time 1 year since release of mudrunner to show it's true colors.
Good luck to developing it.
I alone have so much to share in terms of storyline and plot that would make it the hit of the year. I can only imagine how others, specialized authors, might think off.

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Sorry for my sincerity, but PC gamers complain too much, you have everything to create things in the game, maps and vehicles, etc., and still complain, in consoles players we are happy with only 3 vehicles and 1 map, because we know that will not have mod in the game for consoles.

Nice to hear that u guys working on console version also!! 🙂 im really happy about it.

Maybe you should try to put the wheel changing option also in 😉

@mr-t you do and believe what you want. everyone has their opinions and i have no problem with that. kinda why i made the thread about where things are headed and such. this is what i mean by giving them time, not so much where the game is right now or a year or two, but really meant further down the road. sorry if i was not quite clear about this.

very true though that a year should be plenty of time to see how things are going to be.

Which is pretty much why I'm deciding to jump on the pc bandwagon. I can build an upgradeable system, for relatively little that will play this game, I'm not shooting for 4k, maybe 1080 max but I've worked around 325 to 450 for a good upgradeable starting point. 325 I'm lookin at a g4400 processor with 8 gb ram and a gt 1030, at 450 ryzen 3 1200 with 8gb ram a rx 560 4gb. I'm still new at this but I think that's a good place to start on either side intel or amd.

@viperdemon6819, Are you building your own or buying one built?

If you want to build your own or look into doing it, Tom's Hardware is a very good place for advise and/or suggestions.

A very good place to find parts is It lists everything, shows prices, where you can buy it as well as a Compatibility Check.

EDIT; Oops, you did say you could build one. Sorry, my bad. DOH!!

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@rhs It is a logging game cause what you are talking about are the new challenges and that is not the main goal of the game to visit grandma and drive a lifted UAZ on a mountain side. But when you buy a game with logging in mind, dont come and complain 5 minutes after about it being a game with logging in mind.

@fabio-brasil We complain about the developing process. Its been 4 years since spintires was released and yes, there a major differences from the first release of spintires on now in mudrunner. But now they have released a game way to similar to spintires and a long time after we get 2 new trucks and 1 new car, but just adding new cars maps and trucks wont work after 4 years. Now what mudrunner really need is a storyline which can give a little story to each truck and car ingame exampe that the Zil 131 have been a major peace of the puzzle to the work done in chernobyl. This kinda stuff and a storyline that put us in it as well, like in GTA,where you are actually a part of something ingame. But unless devs are going to listen to us that might never happen. Hopefully you understand what we PC gamers are a bit fed up of now.

@tattoo I'm lookin to build my own. Im personally really leaning to a Ryzen3 1200 or 1300x, just because performance to price is good, and a rx560 4gb, maybe 1050ti 4gb but at around 200 its a bit steep on my range of budget, but it would be worth it too, as far as the other things ram, case, psu I'm going el cheapo, but not bottom barrel, I'm not gonna be buying all at once so, it's not gonna hurt so much lol deals are my friend lol, thanks for the reference!