Announcing Free DLC - The Valley

Thank you so much for this awesome news. I really can't wait for the DLC.

@iyagovos How is the C-6317 different from the C-4310 that we already have in game. They seem to be the same exact vehicle just different wheel set

@sloppyslingers Hi there! We'll have a full vehicle presentation up about the vehicle next Friday (this week is the E-7429), but they have a different add-on complement as well as some other differences in stats.

This is not content.
A few vehicles that are kind of useless and a map.
The community offers countless options in this aspect, which far surpass the standard provided ones
Content for this game would mean to be made an actual game.
Story mode, unlocking parts gradually, evolving, discovering, and a lot of things to do with balance of vehicles addons and options.
Look at any vehicle arcade game and understand from there, for example need for speed. (or any other titles)
unlocking parts gradually, working your ass in the game to get them, and only skilled ones will get great upgrades, a background story, proper hardcore without minimap, logical resource placement when constructing a map, and a lot.
This DLC offers an additional 8x8. Why?! We already have 3 trucks that have a variety of addons
This DLC addis a new 6x6. Why?! We already have countless 6x6 trucks with a variety of power options, navigating performance and offroading abilities
This DLC adds another small suv. Why? There are already 3 of the mostly unused.
The blue one with the beefy tires, you'd expect to be the best, but it is the worst.
So there are many aspects regarding this game, which is the same old Spintires from 4 years ago.
That work was already paid for several times over, with many many millions made out if it.
If you go to a restaurant and order a meal and they give you the meal from 2 days ago heated up, would you pay for it, would you be grateful for it or would you throw the plate in the face of the restaurant cook and owner?! and demand a fresh meal because you are paying money for fresh meal not old one.

@mr-t. I do agree with you that this content is not the best or even close to what people want but atleast it is something. Maybe the devs will realise that people dont want the crappy russian trucks. Throw some H1s in there or rock buggies, big lifted trucks anything really other than big russian trucks. The new little A series truck their adding looks like it could of been made in Minecraft but maybe it will have more power than the other 2 we got. Honestly im just going to dump the console version and get it on pc. Since the modding community can develop new content much better than the actual devs

@sodoma yeah, i knew it was Feb. for release, but when i saw that update description took me to the DLC page i jumped before fully looking. still though i am wondering what the update was then?

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@sloppyslingers It is obvious to me that this DLC is for the console players to get something new because they can not have modifications. I understand this, fortunately I play pc and I have a workshop. I have already written several times that there are more needed things than another 6x6 truck, a huge 8 wheel monster that will probably be just as useless as the maz 7310 (these are not vehicles for transporting logs!!). And when it comes to A-969, according to Wikipedia, it has only 40 horsepower..... Why do not we get 967 (amphibious one) instead? it would be great! and so we'll get another weak little car that gets stuck in the mud after 20 meters. GAZ Tigr would be much better, for example. I am now waiting for the promised monthly of weekly informations on what the game's creators are working on. I hope that now they are working on improving the simulation I would like to be able to push the mud with a bulldozer. 😃

@knight25 yeah a bulldozer would be nice, but since i saw the update content. The 3 vehicles that a pretty mich identical to the ones we have now and if not worse plus a map that is going to be basicly identical to the other maps we have. They said it resembles Deluge, which means its going to suck because that maps sucks all there is to do it cross a huge river. I already gave my ST Mudrunner away. Im just going to get it on pc or another offroad game. The devs just went really the wrond direction for console. They dont realise nobody cares about logging or the simulation for most people like my self that have a full time job that come home to play a game to relax and have fun dont really want to play a logging game that is basicly anotger job and not even enjoyable due to not having trucks to play around with. For anyone that has this game on console your best bet is to just get it on pc if you can. Much more content and way more enjoyable to play

@8up-local I think it was here several times already. Steam time by time makes its own "updates", I presume due to piracy-protection... Usually just very few MB.

@sloppyslingers if you don't want a logging game, then why are you complaining about A LOGGING GAME, go find something else to complain about. And another thing, a russian developer making a russian game that takes place in russia isn't going to use american style vehicles, just sayin'.

@hayden-iglio exactly then you have access to mods and a abundant library of maps. So you dont actually know what its like to play the game on console without the ability to add a new vehicle or a map. Or to completely creat your own designs. I never said i didnt want a logging game, i said nobody really cares about logging and the simulation at this point. The majority would rather be able to haul rock or other objectives while some of us would like to just have a offroad park based map with equally matched vehicles. So you being a pc gamer cant really understand where console players are coming from unless you put in about 15 to 20 hours game play on a console. Consoles only get what the devs feel like adding in, pc gets whatever the feel like downloading. This is the reason i have got the pc version and abandonned the console version because it will never see offorad style maps or custom 4x4 trucks.

@hayden-iglio said in Announcing Free DLC - The Valley:

@sloppyslingers if you don't want a logging game, then why are you complaining about A LOGGING GAME, go find something else to complain about. And another thing, a russian developer making a russian game that takes place in russia isn't going to use american style vehicles, just sayin'.

@hayden-iglio So what you are saying is that Spintires Mudrunner is only a logging game? I don't think Spintires Mudrunner is only a logging game. If it was, why do we have to 'visit grandma' in a normal street car and why is there a mission to keep a Jeep on a mountain trail? Both missions have got nothing to do with logging... So I think SloppySlingers does have a point when he means to say that the creators of this game are lacking creativity when it comes to creating 'more exciting' DLC... You can tell that by looking at al the stuff modders are creating (different cars, maps) for the SM PC version... This game has got a lot more of potential when you look at it with a creative mind.

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@8up-local I think it was here several times already. Steam time by time makes its own "updates", I presume due to piracy-protection... Usually just very few MB.

Особо защиты нет, пираты как играли в мульти плеер так и играют...

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Особо защиты нет, пираты как играли в мульти плеер так и играют...

I've never said it works 😃

@rhs I understand that and wasn't saying it's only a logging game; what i'm saying is that the developer was intent on making a logging game, and what I payed for is a logging game. What I got for free is all that you just mentioned. Those challenges, I'm sure, were geared more toward people who can't or choose not to play with mods. All I mean by this statement is that at it's base, Mudrunner is a logging game, modders make it become more than that, and that's great, but we shouldn't expect the developers to give us more than a logging game.

@sloppyslingers Actually, I understand this perfectly after playing GTA V on console recently (friend's console) I never said that I don't understand you complaining about lack of content, but about type of content. I have a problem with you complaining about all the trucks being russian, and all the maps being based on logging, because russia and logging are the core ideas of the game.

P.S. sorry if i sound offensive, I don't mean to; I'm not always the best with wording...

@hayden-iglio Im well aware that the game is geared towards logging but my statement is that they need to open their views and add different content because if they steared towards an offroad game then the game would have alot more success on console. As of right now if they stay on the path they are headed console will actually be a big failure. Yes they have made money off of it but keeping people interested in strictly logging is just not going to happen. And as for the side missions , they are there to teach you how to navigate roads and trails so that you will have any easier time when you need to rescue a truck or scouting out waypoints

P.S: Playing GTA 5 on console is nothing compared to Mudrunner. Gta has a constantly growing library of vehicles and activities for you to. They are closing the gap between pc gamong and console gaming by adding mod inspired content. As for mudrunner you have 2 things you can do, haul logs or drive in circles around the maps until you fall asleep.

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Sort of understand your point, but you can't compare GTA V with this. Team in here is basically tiny and I doubt about idea that they are not giving more content for consoles because they decided just take money and forgot about consolers.

And by my opinion, we should respect creators way of doing stuff. He/they has/have some general idea (I hope) of how game should look like and what it should be about. Based on YT vids, this is pretty accurate simulation of what is really happening in those areas, so why not? To me it's exciting!
You can't complain about "World of Tanks" doesn't look like "Need for Speed".