After the success of season one with Team Pc Winning the Cup they are back to defend there crown against Team Ps4 and Team Xbox 1. Captain by one of PC Best Andy Davo and backed with stars like Cknoor SeanTV and the World Champion Ornan Team Pc will be confident of retaining there crown.

Team PS4 are bolstered by 4 Time Champion Ladder winner Arzowane as well as other former champions Fantfox ( 2 Time Winner) Sergul and Gasolemall. The Great White Shark will also be back Calcium Cas and A drunken Canadian and Projjkeke rounds it up into a strong squad. Captained by Invitational Cup Champion and Former Ps4 Champion Bernie Buffon will be hoping his team what finished second last season go one better

Team Xbox 1 Also have there ranks bolstered by Xbox big gun Drikk who is also a two Time Champion Of The cladder cup and also has done very well on the pc of late. The Smiling psychotic assassin Rambo will also be making his cross platform debut this former champion fears nothing and will certainly make sure his games are entertaining. We get to see two time xbox champion with Lizards Tomidius return as well you guessed it lizards and they are captain by the no nonsense foul mouthed aussie Wra1thlord. Team Xbox Finished Bottom last season but already confident they can shock Team Pc and Ps4

Everyone is welcome to join the cross platform discord channel

The Competition Rules are
3 minute turns
Resurrection Tournament
1100 tv roster and they add 15 skills (12 singles 3 doubles) no more then two added skills on a player and a maximum of 1 double. no stat ups are allowed
No Inducements are allowed and neither are Stadium Enhancements although you can have a level 4 stadium

Each Team consists of 7 players and each player will play one opponent from the other platform. who ever wins most of the 7 games will win the round its that simple. If the result is a draw after 16 turns it will then go into overtime and if need be penalty kicks.

If after the 3 weeks we have a tie then the tiebreaker is whoever got the most wins overall adding both weeks results up if we still have a tie after this then the two platforms will select a champion and they will play a one off game where the winner claims the championship for his team and the bragging rights of been called the Master Race.

0_1537183155100_pc v xbox.jpg



We are hoping all games will be streamed and welcome you all to come and join the big event and cheer your team on in the streams. All schedule information will be on the cross platform cup platform discord page but look out for the big streamers like Davo CKnoor Sean Tv streaming there games.

See You On The Pitch

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