Matchmaking question

So the game has inherent balancing via the TV system - but is it commonplace to play teams with over 100 combined SPP with fresh teams?

Par for the course, or was my match I played just an outlier? Seems a bit strange.

I understand this is an incredibly masochistic game to try and love, but really now? Just seems no thought is put into the matchmaking system at all - TV is a poor metric.

Given the amount of time matchmaker searches for, surely there's some science behind it - does anybody know?

Or is the playerbase just that small that this is par for the course?

Without wanting to start yet another debate, the matching system is explained here:

The timer itself is supposed to pool teams which enter within that 5-minute period and select the best matches based on the above. Thing is, it doesn't even seem to be doing that particularly well and it is suspected that rather than looking for the best matches overall it simply lists the teams in the order they enter pool and find the best match for each team in turn, which doesn't actually make for particularly good matches using any method.

As for your own match, there are a number of possibilities, not least is that you may have been looking for a match at a low-population time. Without looking at the match in question I can't really answer it, but if you're playing outside EU evenings then that's the most likely answer.

Thank you for the link! I will read it now, much appreciated.

It does seem very flawed thus far, could be a good idea for Focus to ... er, focus on to improve player uptake and retention.

I think given my NZ timezone I will have difficulty hitting that prime time. Oh well .. thank you for your reply man.

Thanks for sharing this information, without wasting time, it is being good to have our own desire teams of player.