I have played mostly COOP initially due to the stutters. I will include my hardware settings below in case of interest. I no longer get the stutters since I run on pretty much all lowest settings and have flagged Post Processing and and a high Texture Streaming Pool size as offenders towards stuttering. I haven't quite figured out what setting it is to make the technical MG AA ironsight not look distorted, though. I am going to play PVP more often now that my performance is much better.

Settings screenshot 1
Settings screenshot 2

Firstly, it would be nice if you could see the scoreboard in coop mode before spawning and choose to wait for other players to ready up instead of starting the round. Since I load in early, I often start the round with only me or me and one other person, leaving others to watch us take on the first objective. Secondly, the initial load animations should not happen when you respawn as it's incredibly awkward when your team completes an objective and you spawn directly in front of an enemy (maybe just allow a grace period where you don't take damage for a few seconds for now?- I don't think this happens currently.)

When I'm playing well against bots, it feels like all I die to is grenades, rockets, and air support. That's not to say the bots aren't good in gunplay, but they certainly aren't the smartest sometimes. The only other BS right now is that they lock on to you the moment they hop onto a technical MG turret but hopefully this is a bug. Bots should have to spin turrets around in a way that takes time too, and leaves a window for player reaction.

I like that you can shoot doors off the hinges, but the way they often get stuck and clip with corpses is a little silly. Very often trying to shoot a door off will instead cause more problems for you. The way it only falls partially and remains floating or leaning against something, unbreakable, while obstructing your view is not good.

The voice chat in game is a bit low for me unless people are yelling into their mics. I'm using a 7.1 headset and master volume is set to 50% while voice chat is at 100%.

If mouse smoothing is actually a thing, it should be an option in the menus but I suspect it's not actually forced as some people might say. I put the line to disable smoothing in my config file, anyway. I like that the sensitivity is customizable for both iron sights and scopes because that's something that took some time for me to adjust in game as I was having difficulty with any sort of zoom scope.

Hopefully the game gets a nice cinematic intro to set the mood for the game, although that's not a big priority for me.

i7-3930K CPU @ 4.2ghz
GTX 1070
16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 799MHz (9-9-9-24)
1863GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO 2TB ATA Device
Windows 7 Home Premium
Display VG248 1920x1080@100Hz ( out of 144hz )