Destroying the Cache feedback (TK - accountability)

@haggison - I i hope they make the tutorial mandatory/ finish it to unlock the game

@tourist I totally agree we need more bots. and in larger waves

I agree with tourist! It is a shame to see a new player with a fresh mindset be subject to a rat race.

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Every person alive during the destruction of the cache should get the same points. It's supposed to be a team effort anyway. Same with capping points, everyone on the point should get the same amount of match points for it.

@thehappybub I actually agree with that, "everyone alive" gets credit.

I made a post about this the other day.
Basically my opinion is that everyone that is alive when a cache gets destroyed should get the credit for it. Then it doesn't matter who does it, seeing as how we all have the ability to plant explosives on it anyway.

I think he has portrayed the environment the game has created. He wants to grow his XP, what better way than to get XP. How do you get XP, go and get it. Thanks NWI, you've created a cave man out of Ziggy. No harsh feelings man.

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