30 seconds not long enough

in checkpoint.offline once you captue objective and defending..if you die ,you respawn and only have 30 seconds to get to objective ,and you cant make it..can you please make it realistic time to get there and increace time to at least one min or more..thanks
as it is inposable to make it in 30 seconds

so am i the only one that cant run from spawn point to capture point in under 30 seconds..man you guys must be fast

No, it is pretty dumb. In push you spawn around 150m from the objective, in checkpoint you spawn around 200m+ from the objective. It pretty much comes down to whether your bot teammates kill the capper or if the enemy walks off the objective.

cool glad to see someone agree..i just thought maybe i wasent fast enough ,,but i sprint my guts out and could NEVER make it