Prioritizing fixing the competitive matchmaking

The thing that works the worst in the game at the moment has to be the competitive matchmaking. Long queues are imo fine, but not game after game failing to start. As I haven't seen any developer or such mention that it is any kind of priority to fix it, I want with this topic to make my voice heard that I find it to be the highest priority. Partially because it is my favorite mode, partially because I find it to be the most broken thing in the game.

Every day that it is broken the more damage is done to the reputation of the mode (and the game). Damage that will take a long time to repair once fixed.

Maybe Comp is not the highest priority? Idk. I haven't heard devs trying to push the competitive scene lately.

Yes that is my point. At the moment it seems like it is very low priority. I think it should be a higher priority.

Well, you can't push it if it works too bad. Also, you can't push it before hit registration etc. works well with getting backlash. I think there is value in fixing the matchmaking part of it before hit registration etc. is fixed though as it currently is so bad that it is actively doing damage long term.