@cyoce the armor options make perfect sense, though I'm not sure what their actual implementation seems to be.
Light armor should be geared entirely toward pistol caliber weapons such as .. pistols (!!!) and things like the UZI. It should be ignored by rifle rounds.Heavy armor should take quite a few rifle rounds. All of this should obviously be to the chest, if this wasn't obvious before. I don't see how the options are redundant or unnecessary in any way? Light armor would offer protection against basically all sidearms and some primaries. It gives the player some situational survivability without really restricting movement at all. Heavy armor gives the player a boost in survivability at the cost of movement reduction and points.

I think the points assigned to each should be rethought and balanced, but the options are still distinct and necessary. Just because armor is nerfed beyond recognition due to the latest patch doesn't mean removing it makes any sense.