Gas Needs To Flow Into Doors And Windows

I don't know how else to put it. It's just horribly immersion breaking that I can be sitting inside a huge open door in a room full of windows without glass and the building is surrounded by gas but somehow it never comes inside....

Gas is already easy enough to ignore, if you brought a mask, but the fact that it COMPLETELY ignores building interiors regardless of how many holes there are in the walls or ceiling really just takes it from "passable" to "nearly useless".

@amurka If possible, I think Gas and Smoke should do the same thing. I know Escape From Tarkov said they have smoke grenades that actually fill up rooms and shit. I think PUBG even has incendiary weapons start fires and spread in houses, which would be cool to add assuming that's not OP (which it probably is lol)

Absolutely. I was really confused the first few times I survived a gas attack without a mask when the entire world outside the building I was in had turned orange. I assumed it was a bug or glitch.

Nerve gas and an option for a Mk1 NAAK (Nerve agent antidote kit) along with the gas mask would be a cool fire support. Just a suggestion...

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