These are just my thoughts, experiences and opinions on the game so far. I understand it’s a beta. After playing with all the weapons for multiple matches it’s seems like the some of the weapons have very little to no recoils. The weapons are far to controllable on full auto and need to have increased recoil significantly. Firing a 308 scar H or an AKM 7.62x39 both having very little recoil for the caliber it’s firing the scar H being the worst of the weapons. The rifle feels as though it’s not recoiling at all. Even the 5.56 has to little recoil for full auto and needs to be more speratic and difficult to control. Using semi should be rewarding instead of a hinderence which is my opinion and current experience with it.

IED and explosive in building, if buildings are not destructible atleast allow high explosive damage including commander call in to travel through walls, it makes zero sense that you can set off an ied or c4 next to a plaster wall and not hurt anyone on the other side. It also makes zero sense to have 105 shells or a-10 30mm shells get stopped by a thatch or tin metal roof. It would also add a dynamic to help flush enemy’s out of houses and fortified positions.

Calibers and armor. I feel like ther is little to no difference between light and heavy armor. Most level 3 armor vest will stop multiple rounds of 308 while in this game it feels like the armor is nothing more than dead weight. I’m not saying make your character invincible I’m just saying it seems to be lacking any purpose besides slowing your character down.

Commander call in’s need a timer or a delay between each call in. At the moment you can stack calls on top of each other and it’s very annoying and takes away from the core game play.