Suicide bomber and APC?

Hi folks! I have realy enjoyed Insurgency so far, but the balance of the maps are sometimes non existing. Why not add an APC to the bridge map for security forces and remove most of the debries there. (I'm not familiar with the names yet).

And sometimes the objectives areas are unretakable, why not add suicide bomber as a spawning weapon or playable caracter when called for by the observer for Insurgents and something similar for security? The belt should clear out the entire house on explotion. If the suicide bomber is shot from a far, he should of cource detonate if taken out right, taking all his friends in the imidiate vicinity with him.

Cheers! Eddie

I believe that map you're on about is farmhouse, i might be wrong though.

Also insurgency isnt a vehicle game, it's always been infantry, we now get a technical which is a bitch to deal with, an apc would be a absolute pisstake to deal with, both teams get support options, if the insurgents are well dug in then use magnified optics and explosives or call in mortars or a support chopper, or alternatively rush the left side of the bridge and sneak all the way behind enemy lines and infiltrate Alpha from behind and take the objective by force.

If you struggle to retake a objective swarmed by hostiles then use explosives and automatic fire, it's really not difficult if you know how to use and control your firearms.

One thing that would be nice is if the insurgents could get an IED and right click to become a suicide bomber.

Also if you're unaware, a suicide bomber won't explode if you shoot him unless you somehow hit his detonation device and somehow get the signal activated, plastic explosives require an electric charge in order to detonate, older explosives could detonate if they are attacked by something explosive, but a bullet? I'm not so sure.