Alpha testing

Hey, how can we help with testing? Is there anywhere to apply to help out?

Hi, thanks for your enthusiast 😉

It's a bit early to start testing sessions, but rest assured we'll announce our needs for testers as soon as we need community feedback!

Best use for people interested in testing the game is probably compatibility testing, there are always settings that end users have that studios won't have. After that, they might have some feedback sessions when they have more stable builds, if they're looking for community feedback that is.

Can we already sign up for a "to wait" list?

@ShakerGER said in Alpha testing:

Can we already sign up for a "to wait" list?

Not yet, it's too early for now. Don't worry we'll announce here as soon as a test session is planned.


Any news about needed testers? I would love to help you develop this game because you did a great job with mordheim especially for being an indie studio,



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I'm in as soon as the alphas are starting. I so can't wait for this game, I'm back on a mordheim kick again. 😂