Minigun support in a nutshell

If Security force is going to get significantly less choices for fire support in contrast to the insurgent force, why on earth....are the blackhawks made out of paper now??

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Yea its wack. The helos need to circle around and not sit still, and also should only be viably taken down by rpgs. For minigun support, the door gunners should be hittable, so that small arms fire could potentially neutralize a door gunner or two, but not crash the whole helicopter.

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The worst part about this is that the choppers almost always go down ONLY to bullet fire, not to RPGs. It's because with the hitscan weapons and the bot aimbot...they just pepper ONLY the choppers rear rotor (a weakpoint) with 100% accuracy until it falls from the sky.

I've been playing a lot of local with bots just to test out all the weapons and I have yet to have a game where the minigun support didn't crash immediately after arriving.

I want to helicopters to be more evasive, and fly around the map in a circular fashion.

We figured this out.

You call it in miles away from the enemies. As in, if you're defending G, call it in at A.

The gunner spends more time with arcs on target and actually racks up kills. The heli tends to survive its entire strafe. We've tested this tens of times, it's fairly consistent.

Would recommend its use for defences ideally which maximises the chance it will have things to shoot at given at a far distance / angle it's going to have fewer choices of targets unless they're all scurrying around trying to get somewhere.

@whitby I have been doing the same thing in PVP. I'll call it in far away from the battle and it survives much more often now, but doesn't get much kills.

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You call it in miles away from the enemies

I mean the workaround is cool and all, but NWI still needs to fix the shot-ass helicopters and the lasering bots in COOP.

It's too bad...because I get the impression that NWI is incapable of making competitive bots without giving them MASSIVE aimbots and code-level awareness of enemy locations.

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its the same with the IED drone call in for the insurgents, instant take down on bot maps making them completely useless..... I do feel that the Security forces do need another call in perhaps a reaper drone that sends missiles down as another timed support call in similar to the gunship but limited to one per round.