Fear's Cove Released.

Took a long needed break from map making. Finally got all sections done on this monster trail map. Some minor stuff to clean up and test. It should be released in a couple of weeks.

0_1537474169527_Desktop Screenshot 2018.09.20 -







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Been looking forward to this release. Looks awesome.

@fearwheels it appears to be well worth the wait.. look forward to it's release. Nice work. __Rufus
ps. what is the size of the base map? and did you use any height addition, some of the screenshots your mountains look pretty tall

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@rufus Thanks man. Map is 1024x1024. No height added. I may look into that next time around.

Looks like fun, can't wait đź‘Ť

Sweet man, good work. Can't wait for it to come out.

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This looks super cool, thanks for sharing it here!

@FearWheels im having an issue where my game crashes when i load your map...

@riskywisky said in Fear's Cove Released.:

@FearWheels im having an issue where my game crashes when i load your map...

I had the same here but perhaps you are using STM 1.7.9 ?
If so then turn off: Radius of activity of physical objects.

Turning off that option fixed the crashes.

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