TTK needs a kick up the @#$*

@derpydays Sorry i don't take outliers as fact, unlike you. By your logic you could also argue it gets 120k players! It doesn't. Again... arguing with outliers = ouch.

Next time i write about numbers i will put in a disclaimer just for you that says: "i'm not considering statistical outliers here" just so you can't spin up things. Thanks for the discussion.

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@benz mate i think you're the one spinning things here, especially the amount of trash talking you have without backing up your facts and logic, barely having experience with insurgency and day of infamy.

especially with your arguments trying to base CS with Insurgency genuinely does not work

@derpydays gj completely dodging the fact you use outliers as facts.

Benz please stop, you are just disrupting the discussion

@ctbear1996 So.....are you saying DerpyDays is not trying to use statistical outliers as a fact? Or are you saying that i shouldn't replay to Whitby's request?

I'm confused here. What's your agenda? Besides obv. flamebaiting, as usual.

@benz No, you are the one flamebaiting here, you provide no valuable feedback to this thread. So please, do everyone else a favor, stick to your competitive thread.

@ctbear1996 Uhm.... pretty sure that's not up to you to decide whats valuable or not.

@benz No, all your comments are either "no pls no" or "gj nice try" or "high ttk is gud cuz muh skill" something like that, so stop please.

@ctbear1996 said in TTK needs a kick up the @#$*:

@benz No, all your comments are either "no pls no" or "gj nice try" or "high ttk is gud cuz muh skill" something like that, so stop please.

maybe you should actually try reading posts then.

btw: the only one disrupting a discussion atm is you. makes you think.....

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@benz I did read, all of your comments are just some no sense without any reasonable logic, all you could come up is "skill", I have seen better arguments about why a too low ttk is not good. Besides, you are the one kept replying some craps to make yourself look good, interesting.

@ctbear1996 See. Flamebaiting only. No input on the discussion. I'll give you a chance on the latest topic in this thread:

I said ins2 didn't get 5k player peak, DerpyDays said it does, by providing stats and using statistical outliers as prove. Do you agree or not? Or do you say statistical outliers are irrelevant when talking about average player numbers?

Inb4 more flamebaiting/dodging.

So @Benz what is your ideal TTK? How many rounds should Light Armor and Heavy Armor be able to stop? How many rounds should unarmored target absorb? I'd like to hear your thoughts.

@benz and how does player count in INS2 is related to this thread? Try again. Using player count as an argument that TTK should be higher is very funny.


In general: 5.56 should have bigger dmg-falloff at range than 7.52, while 7.52 should have lower ROF.

For close-mid ranges:


  • 5.56: 2 shots
  • 7.52: 1 shot

light armor:

  • 5.56: 2 shots
  • 7.52: 2 shot

heavy armor:

  • 5.56: 3-4 shots
  • 7.52: 2 shot

bolt actions

1 shot everything (chest+belly+head).

add +1 shots for long ranges (excluding snipers). Headshots should obv. be 1 shot with every weapon.

Armor in this scenario should also slow you down more. Also: way more stopping power for bullets.

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@ctbear1996 i wasn't using that as an argument for a higher TTK. Context. It's relevant.

@benz Then you can have a rest, nobody is trying to lower the TTK to one shot kill heavy armor, most of low ttk advocates basically share the same concept, and I prefer using the word "tweak" instead of "lowering" ttk.

@ctbear1996 you do realize what i just described is what we currently have in SS, right? Besides bolts+heavy armor being slightly less effective currently? If no one is trying to lower that...why do we constantly have these threads then?!


increasing the damage of the weapons to kill in 1 shot (like Insurgency2014)

How is that not lowering the TTK?!

Edit: new post below this one: ALSO wants to lower the TTK. Get real..... 😂

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I think that unarmored people should die in one shot. Both the AK's and M4/M16's take two shots to kill, the same amount as light armor, which makes no sense if they were trying to buff armor.
-make unarmored people ohk
-light armor should be two shots
-heavy armor should be three, max.

Oh, and also, make people actually slow down and get tagged when hit, that would probably make the practical TTK much higher as well.

@benz Do you understand the word "adjustment"? Suggesting to make TTK more perfect is not allowed? Basically, my last thread is 1 shot for no armor on the chest by all calibers, 1-2 shots to light armor, 2-4 shots for heavy, and all weapons' damage reduce when the bullet is out of effective range.
It's called "adjustment"

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@ctbear1996 ?? call it what you want mate. Lowering the TTK is lowering the TTK. If you want to go from 2 shots to 1 shots = lowering the TTK.

Also: maybe try to avoid adjectives like "perfect" when talking about a highly subjective topic.

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