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Hi devs !

I just wondered about where did the torch lights, night vision and night maps went, and if they are indeed coming to Ins:Sandstorm. Now that you've got a cooler and more modern engine to work with, it could really be fun to have those.

With the Unreal Engine, I'm also thinking about how nice it would be to have some maps with different weather conditions such as fog, rain, or even snow (they do have snow in the middle east, particularly on moutains).

What do you guys think ? Have I missed any info about that ? Is it planned ?

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Oh, and while I'm at it, if anyone has information about hunt mode, I'd be glad to hear that as well. I like this mode, and it would be a good reason to make some smaller maps too.

@grumf I love the hunt mode in Ins2, the most tactical mode ever, great immersion with low-tone voices in radio, hope to see it comes back.

@ctbear1996 I would love to. I miss it too. It was most fun alone or with only one or two friends, imo. I'd like to see some game modes that require a few people only. With this engine, the possibilities are basically endless, to be honest. We can't have it all, but I'd be glad to at least have what was in Ins:Source.

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