I have an issue regarding your admins or at least your head admin on the Xbox One I have been banned from the CCL 18 because I was accused of having a dummy account I explained that I made this secondary account to avoid my friends from inviting me 24/7 I gave my old account Wreck-It Roland and was told that that tag is been involved in cheating in the past I haven't played blood Bowl on that account in over a year I believe never cheated on it that's for sure and I sure s*** didn't do anything this season to justify ban I have asked the admin multiple times to explain to me what rule I apparently violated in order to be banned I have gotten no response to that question just a cryptic message telling me that the band will stay and that I was floating the spirit of fair play I am a paying customer I worked my butt off to develop an overpowered chaos team this season and I want one of two things either want a refund for the game or I want my team reinstated in the league this is ridiculous I've done nothing wrong thank you for your time