I have asked the Xbox One admins again and again to Simply explain to me what rule or rules I violated exactly in order to be banned and trolling me like it's joke they sent me the same default message saying roughly we have reason to believe that this is a dummy account and that I have flouted the spirit of fair play that they expect across multiple seasons excuse my language but what kind of cryptic s*** is that I feel that they cannot explain what rule I violated because I didn't violate any rules I have read through the rules multiple times and I don't see the word flouting in there at all they may have their suspicions that I am somebody else because I made a new account specifically to play Blood Bowl and maybe that makes me look like I'm somebody else but I don't believe Banning a paying customer solely on suspicion with no proof and no clarification as to what rule they violated is fair at all I believe you guys have made the mistake of appointing some children as your admins and at least one of them is abusing their power because he is convinced I'm someone I'm not even after giving him my original gamertag that I purchased the game with he is now accused that gamertag of cheating in the past therefore justifying keeping the ban I would really appreciate a timely response on this as I would love to continue playing my team this season I am not trying to come at you with hostility but make no mistake I am very hostile right now and I will not rest until I see one of two things happen either this is sorted out in my team is reinstated or I want a refund for this game thank you again for your time