To the community manager

Is this professional or in any way Fair?


I paid money for this game and I'd like a refund

Hi, thanks for your patience while the relevant people discussed this matter. Please take this as a response to all of your posts.

I’m afraid that I have to take issue with the facts of this case as you present them.

To start with, your statement that ‘you made a new account specifically to play blood bowl’, and, ‘I made this secondary account to avoid my friends from inviting me 24/7 ’, does not make sense, since it is far easier to set yourself to appear offline than it is to create a whole alternate account.

That aside, you imply here and explicitly state in one of your PMs to me that your ‘main’ account is WRECKitROLAND, and your ‘BB account’ is ScantGorgon2375, and that you have never played BB2 on Xbox One under any other accounts. This is not true. I know this because I have voice recordings of you on the ScantGorgon2375 account as well as at least three other accounts used over various seasons since season 11. These are only the accounts we have voice recordings for, I strongly suspect that you had, or were actively coordinating with, many more.

Some of these accounts have been used to attempt to gain an advantage in the competition unfairly, again across multiple seasons, and there are patterns of account activity we have noticed which defy any realistic probability of innocence on your part.

In addition, we have no reason to think that you are approaching this conversation in good faith since you have consistently lied about your identity in the several interactions we have had over the last few months.

Finally, since this ban was issued you sent further abusive voice messages to at least one innocent player in our league. Thus you, the individual, are now permanently banned from playing in CCL, and we will instantly ban any account we suspect to be associated with you.

You are welcome to continue playing Blood Bowl 2 in the campaign, eternal leagues, in private multiplayer leagues, or in the official Cabalvision Open Ladder.

In regard to refunding the game, you would need to approach the retailer from which you originally purchased the game.

Thank you.

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I think you have your answer and explaination above.

The Blood Bowl 2 community admin team has the full support of the Focus team. Toxic behaviour isn't acceptable in the Champion Ladder. You're welcome to enjoy the rest of the game and official competitions.

Have a nice day

Yeah well appearing offline doesn't stop people from inviting you now does it if they know I'm appearing offline I can still get spammed and not just with direct invites I have hundreds of people on my list just the amount of searching for group notifications it's enough to make me want to play on a tag with a zero friends list

Don't you guys have access to my IP address and if you do then you should know for certain that I have played on two and only two gamertags you want to know what I think I think you guys think I'm someone else I think that anybody who Rises up unknown with an overpowered chaos team you automatically assume there's somebody you have a problem with and you persecute them that's what I think


So I would like to discuss the fact that I accused your admins of plane and competing in the championship league under Smurf accounts that it was my belief that Dirkk X0 is in fact an admin competing on a Smurf after Commander Slackers message stating that he has proof that I am someone else because of voice messages I sent him under the accounts scant Gorgon well I can tell you after reviewing all the messages I've sent to admins I sent nothing but text messages two blood Bowl 2 admins account two tizzle Bizzle and to Commander slacker I did however on the other hand send some very unsavory voice messages too Dirk XO so if your admins are not competing under Smurf accounts explain to me how you have a voice recording of me from the accounts scant Gorgon I eagerly await your reply on that one

So understanding that you're just going to let your admins get away with whatever they want to do I paid good money for this game I am very upset with the situation and I would like a refund and I would like to know how I go about pursuing that refund

Okay I'd like to explore this thought let's say everything your admins are saying is true say I had engaged in toxic Behavior flouting the integrity of Fair competition in the past let's say I am who they think I am then passed leagues and past bands are just that in the past as for this league CCL 18 it still holds true regardless of anything in the past that I did nothing in CCL 18 to justify being banned for I seem to remember that I was accused of attempting to feed myself wins I mean what is that how would you even have uncertainty with that issue when you should know my IP address furthermore I don't see the justice in Banning any player solely on suspicion alone that to me seems Reckless and unfair to a paying customer and now because I'm not just rolling over and accepting this ban you're telling me that if I ever try to compete in the CCL again I will be banned immediately this is nothing short of an abuse of power if you want remove the band or instruct me on how to play so that I will not be banned in the future then I want my damn money back

Once again you're only banned from the Champion Ladder, which is only one of the three official ladders. You still have the Open Ladder and Anarchy Ladder available, without counting the dozens of community leagues. Of course singleplayer modes and challenges are still available.

@wreckitroland said in To the community manager:

So understanding that you're just going to let your admins get away with whatever they want to do I paid good money for this game I am very upset with the situation and I would like a refund and I would like to know how I go about pursuing that refund

If you bought the game on Steam, you can find their refund policy here:

Did GameStop ban me no did steam ban me no Focus band me I would like my money back from Focus

And don't tell me I'm welcome to play in your open ladders I did not buy this game for your open ladders I am a competitive gamer I bought this game to compete in your competition. Banning me from the CCL well you might as well ban Me from the entire game

I do apologize for the numerous messages I hope you understand from my side of things this is unjust and I'm very upset but I will tell you right now I will not send another message I will sit down and shut the fuck up if you the community manager can do something your troll admins failed to do again and again which is simply state exactly what rule or rules I violated in CCL 18 to justify being banned shouldn't be a hard question to answer now should it