I like the longer time to kill

Makes gunfights more interesting and makes learning weapon recoil patterns more fun.

Fight me.

@Quadsword I totally agree with you. I like that sandstorm is going for realism, not an ins2 clone.

Full auto spraying gameplay is not fun

Its not tho. It's more of a try to get head/limb shots because your target might be armored. What's the point of armor that doesn't increase the survivability of its user?

@slazenger Except... it's not?

Funny thing is, I realized after about 10 hours the reason why I was having such a hard time killing enemies was because I was spraying bullets like a madman. Once I learned to control recoil properly (Stand still while shooting, hold breath if possible, use a stable firing stance like crouching, use mouse to correct for weapon kick, etc.) the TTK felt pretty much like INS:Source but without AP rounds making everything instagib.

But it's clear to me that both sides of the fence can't really come to an agreement. So we just have to agree to disagree.

@quadsword said in I like the longer time to kill:

Once I learned to control recoil properly (Stand still while shooting, hold breath if possible, use a stable firing stance like crouching, use mouse to correct for weapon kick, etc.) the TTK felt pretty much like INS:Source but without AP rounds making everything instagib.

+1 to this right here.

No for god sake people. If you want I slow kill time GO TO ANY OTHER GAME ON THE MARKET. This game is ours and it needs a fast TTK because it is an insurgency sequel, insurgency MIC - pull the trigger once, enemy dies. Insurgency 2014 - pull the trigger once, enemy dies instantly. Day of Infamy - pull the trigger once and the enemy dies. If you want 3-4 shots to kill most games on the market offer this, just play one of those Battlefield, COD, Seige. all enjoyable for there own reason, Insurgency is enjoyable because of the unique TTK. Don't take it away from the Vets, please. -1

I partly agree.

I like that:

  • Headshots are rewarded.
  • One hit to arm doesn't kill.

I dislike:

  • Many chest hits are required to kill unarmored targets.
  • Recoil is too easy to control with most guns, especially if you crouch. Crouching shouldn't even reduce recoil if you move while crouched.

@zucchini said in I like the longer time to kill:

Don't take it away from the Vets, please. -1

I cried. 😢

People saying ins:s is full auto spray only obv. don't play the game or are straight up lying. I mostly semi-auto on range and burst/spray on close-mid range. I see most good players do the same, when playing comp with actual ins vets (like Link, jems and many others).

If bad players go full-auto only, then there's a reason for it: higher chances of killing someone even with bad aim thanks to an already low TTK. Why would someone with bad aim not go full auto?! 😂

someone made a good video on the topic btw:

Youtube Video

And as you can see from the comments etc.... you are not alone OP 😉

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@benz I’m fine for the most part but am still more towards the side of less TTK. If all you people that think it’s more realistic I would only agree with you if they went full realism as in if I shoot you in the chest with a rifle and you have heavy armour you should stumble back 2-3 feet if possible and your aim should be next to non existent for at least 2-3 seconds before you are able to gain your composure to shoot back at the enemy let alone with any type of accuracy. But they aren’t going for that level of realism are they! So you guys are turning a once great game into a cod/bf hybrid. And don’t even get me started on TTK when you have a silencer equipped because I have always shot in little spurts for better accuracy and in no way shape or form should it sometimes take 6-7 bullets to kill someone just because I have a silencer equipped if they have heavy armour. If that’s what they want then they should go all the way as I stated above and maybe even certain shots to the chest should drop you to the ground where it would take maybe 4 full seconds for you to shake it off and get back to your feet. One more thing if I’m not mistaken when they originally announced INS-SS they went on and on about how they were basically making a insurgency that we all know and love just on a new engine!!! Juuuust sayin.... And so far not quite the case.

@planetcanada silencer has no effect on TTK. Devs already confirmed that on stream.

@benz Well from what I’ve seen I find that hard to believe but maybe it was just bad hit reg.. then even though I was painting like Picasso with their blood!

@planetcanada you can test it in local play against bots. open op the debug menu with minues on the numpad and toggle AI. Then shoot them with silencer and without. It has no effect.

Maybe but there are THOUSANDS of games on the market and you chosed you least favourite one and then tell it to change itself something else that is already exsisting.That is never going to happen.

@l1ttel_y I’m sorry was that English? You want me to choose my least favourite game and tell it to change? I’m confused..

I finally had an opportunity to listen to the 9/20 live stream today.

Mikee explained the whole reason they got rid of the AP rounds which made sense to me. He also explained that (in so many words) they believe the TTK is in a good place right now although they are looking at ways to better balance the armor. In other words, it seems they are putting more focus on the armor than bullet damage when it comes to finding a good balance with TTK. They don't want armor to be the meta in Sandstorm like AP was in Ins.

btw, I too am concerned about how the TTK will ultimately shake out by next year when I:S launches for console but it seems to me that the devs certainly want to try and retain the lethal feeling of the original game. Mikee's explanation was thorough and to be honest, it made sense to me. .....it also quelled much of my apprehension. In the end though, I'll just have to see for myself when the game becomes available.

.....and btw, Mikee also said that all feedback was valuable to them and would encourage folks to continue to post their concerns, suggestions and general feedback on this forum. He also said that they are particularly interested in any feedback on how to balance the armor better (consequences vs. benefits).

@kean_1 Thanks for the read and that sounds like a good start anyways I will agree that it is definitely true what was said about heavy armour at least for myself. I can wholeheartedly admit that in ins:source I never left home without my AP rounds just as in ins:ss I never venture anywhere without heavy armour this may just be me but in the current state o just feel I am at way to huge a disadvantage not to equip it and it shouldn’t feel that way. Playing ins:source I never felt hesitant to use any weapon at all regardless of the available choice of bullets but with sandstorm I find myself steering clear of certain weapons or equipment. Once again that’s just me!


No problem....

btw, here's a link to the stream which is set up to continue at the 29 minute mark where the question is brought up by Alex and Mikee responds. I think it's worth the 3-4 minutes of time it will take to listen to for those interested in this topic.


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