AP Bullets and Ambush

@MarksmanMax Well then it should be changed. The groin is only protected by a Kevlar flap, which wouldn't hold up against rifle rounds. All I'm advocating for is that heavy armor actually do something for the torso, an unarmored target should get one shot imo. A light armored target should also get one shot by anything that isn't a sidearm caliber or UZI.

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I agree with MarksmenMax heavy armor shouldn't eat that many rounds, 3 or less would be acceptable for rifle calibers.

@thehappybub Not only is that not what insurgency is about but regardless if heavy armour can take the bullets your saying soak up bullets? 4-5?? Are you crazy lol one bullet from a rifle to the chest with heavy armour on would mess any soldier right up probably leaving them gasping for air and certainly not able to just soak up bullets because you are wearing a tiny plate covered in material over your chest! People always seem to forget that the impact and sheer force these bullets create on impact cause quite a bit of damage to a humans insides..

@planetcanada I think there should be more of a stagger effect, but please a 7.62 would do very little to heavy armor plates. Go watch some videos, one of which I posted just a page ago on this thread.

Besides there would still be plenty of weapons available which virtually ignore even heavy armor, so if the points were balanced so that it all made sense I don't see what the fuss about nerfing armor even more is.

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@thehappybub I just watched the video.. Very little?? Your nuts man granted there was no penetration did you see the view from behind.. the ripple effect coming through the ballistics gel from the impact?? We’re talking broken ribs internal bleeding that first bullet would have put you on your ass..

@thehappybub Anyways at this point it is what it is they are going to do what they feel is best for their game and I will more than likely play it unless they turn it into battlefield rainbow siege bullet sponge.. I just want more FPS and bug fixes and I’ll be happy enough. I have a pretty damn good rig and I should be getting way more FPS I would imagine maybe not way more but a decent amount more.. I know they say they are working on better optimization I just really hope they can come through because every time I go on to play I mess around with the settings and the only way I can get my frames to where I feel they should be is to put everything on low and play potato mode! So this has now become my number one concern.

@planetcanada yeah I feel you. My vram is always 98%+ and my frames tank every time there's a bunch of particle effects (such as when an enemy shoots right next to me).