In my opinion that shotgun is ruining this game FOR ME. It is the only thing that is not allowing fair game play FOR ME. I am sure that everyone that uses it on a continues bases will say ,no it is fine the way it is. If you are engaging a enemy with a shotgun, and you with a rifle, you have to so accurate to hit him in the head TO ME is unfair. Make the rifles more accurate. I don't know the solution. Just don't like the current situation.

@burgrat Problem with shotguns is the effective range. Even on mid-long range they 1 shot. It's stupid and i'm sure it will be toned down.

unfair garbage... that's what i think anyways.

The shotguns behave pretty realistically though. They should just increase the points for them, make them the most expensive item for the breacher in versus/ranked.

The answer to every balance problem isn't to nerf... shotguns should be super effective in the ranges sandstorm is played at, they don't have to be the cheapest option though.

Shotguns should be extremely effective, even at fairly long range, against unarmored targets. Shotguns shouldn't be one-shot killing people in armor with a center mass shot though.

@thehappybub Shotgun slugs are generally unjacketed soft lead projectiles. They don't have good armor penetration either.

@MAA_Bunny At 100 m it won't but it will up close. A lot of shotguns have forces approaching 2,500 ft/lbs at the muzzle (in comparison a 7.62 round is around 1,200, of course depending on the firearm). Even if it didn't penetrate the plates of a type iii vest it would literally bend the metal, break all the ribs and kill the target just from blunt force trauma. The force dropoff is rather large for shotguns though, at 50m it drops to like 1000 ft/lbs, which would no longer do significant damage.

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@thehappybub I've seen plenty of tests where Level IIIA soft armor, which is pistol only protection, handily defeated rifled slugs at close range.

It would suck major ass to get hit with any shotgun round wearing soft armor, but it probably wouldn't be lethal, and it'd certainly suck a lot more to not be wearing armor.

@maa_bunny It would be lethal. As @thehappybub said, the sheer blunt force would totally wreck your insides.
Soft armor is just useless against a shotgun, even without penetration. Especially at short range.

This is what you can expect from some buckshot. Just imagine that with a slug :

Youtube Video – [01:40..]

It's basically Saitama punching you in the chest.

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maybe make them a single shot or a double barrel so you have to reload more often, then see how many players use it .lol.

@burgrat Shotguns aren't OP, Heavy Armor is just ass. It's like the old Light Armor at this point.

Again a new topic about overpowered shotguns although this has been discussed a very short while ago ?

@gsg_9_lightning whatever, if people care let them post. However its weird that the same guy posted the same thing in two separate threads, I thought it was a different person. @BurgRat could've just bumped his old thread.

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Even two shot kills at medium range would be completely underpowered with the shotgun's abysmal rate of fire. You can fire 4-5 shots with a rifle in the time it takes to cycle a second shell in the shotgun.

@cyoce said in SHOTGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

the shotgun's abysmal rate of fire

Yea it's not a realistic pump speed at all.

@thehappybub the realism of the pump speed doesn't affect balance

@cyoce I'm saying that it's neither balanced nor realistic. Best of both worlds! Pure trash.

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