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_hi all,
_You'd think that after making maps for over 1,200 hours i'd be a little better at it. however i still do not know how to take a 'pixel-squid' model (or any model format) and get into the editor. Basic stuff, like some woodland animals (deer, moose, beaver/beaver dams, etc.). and some more items of that nature.
_So, i come to the community, asking for assistance..
_I have 3ds 2018, Blender, installed. i can get my deer to open, in each and that's about as far as I'm getting.
_I'm not prepared to make any modification to the objects, just convert them into usable assets for MR. I have looked at the few tuts I've found , I'm just not getting it..
Any Help the community can offer is Greatly Appreciated. and all models, (if i figure it out), will be up for all to use..


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Same here! I have Max 2015. I exported an .x model, shows up as a single model. Texture looks as if it is all one color. Once I add it to a map, it becomes invisible. Maybe not exporting correctly from max?
I saw this tutorial, but it is a bit vague.

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did you textured it on the xml in meshes? @machine

if youre making it blender you need the st_X_exporter By Dzen check the topic i have allot of tutorials in there its like making a truck make a cdt that is close to the model mesh (low poly if posible because high poly map models lag the game allot) and export it like i show in the tutorials

@machine it's vague because I went into only the basics.

@forces TY forces! i will be digging into your tut as soon as i have an hour or two to devote to this. (prob tomorrow) in the mean time thank you for the assist__Rufus

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glad to help my friend
any qustion you can go in the topic of blender might help others who run into the same place

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