QUITE a big oversight..

First off... pun intended.. But, pistols need suppressor-sights, it's pretty useless to aim for any form of accuracy with them in their current form when all sights for pistols are lower than the silencer/suppressor, when we don't even have an option for different sights for extra cost (like a 3-supply red dot) or maybe add lower sitting silencers/suppressors like the Osprey Suppressor, Makarov's specific PB-barrel and PB suppressor and elevated sights, etc. Maybe some XS Big-dot style sights that clear the silencers or something, or just taller front-blades

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I'd prefer an RMR as long as the cost was low.

@mainfold Some pistols work well, like the M9 and the L106A1. I've definitely posted about adding the Makarov Pb suppressor, though.

@marksmanmax None of the pistol-sights clear the silencers

@mainfold said in QUITE a big oversight..:

@marksmanmax None of the pistol-sights clear the silencers

M9 and L106A1 are close enough imo that it's not a big issue (with those pistols, anyway).

The Mosin has the same problem.

@cyoce With it you can clear it with optics

@mainfold there isn't a 1x sight available for the mosin iirc

@cyoce Just checked, Mosin with silencer clears perfectly. Not sure where you got the idea from

@mainfold maybe they reduced the size of the mosin suppressor since the last time I used it.

@cyoce Since the alpha it's been the same

It's been this way for as long as I can remember

@mainfold No, earlier this beta it was a huge suppressor

@cyoce you must be thinking of a different rifle.