Movement acceleration, ability to change direction w/ full speed and door mechanics

The clip below sums up what I and others are experiencing. I know a lot of newer or more tactical players don't play like this but it is still an issue - especially in comp.

The door mechanics need to be worked on. In the beginning of this clip, we see a door that has been knocked down but still standing.

At the end we see multiple things.

  1. The door has not finished falling and the player is already running through
  2. The player can move way too quickly after kicking the door down
  3. The player can change direction with no speed penalty

I really do want to see the movement comparable to source. I have been going back and forth between the two and the movement is very different. The current movement is better than Beta 1 but it still needs some refinement.

On top of this - the strafe speed is still a bit too fast. It's close! But it needs to be dialed back like 10-20%.

Also I really believe animations are not synced up properly. I find that players will be running running running then they will go to stop but in third person it will look as if they teleport/hop back a couple frames. It's as if the server could not keep the third and first person player animations synced up. So other players see the player model kind of do a double take and then hop back. This leads to a lot of people missing shots. In comp we see this a lot because a lot of comp players abuse the movement speed and zig/zag/strafe as well as cut sharp angles. It's ALMOST like teleporting but it's just slow enough not to be.

Movement needs the inertia it had back in source, accerelation needs to be lowered, some better animations which actually represent the movement they're doing and some adjustments to the aim speed, i also think when you're prone you shouldn't be able to change directions as fast, as it was on source, where you basically fixed that by using a bipod where you could rotate the gun without having to actually move your position, just your arms and upper torso.

Oh btw theres a kick and theres a charge, which changes depending on your speed, the later which you do by sprinting, is the one being done in the video, it of course looks broken as hell, if you breached a door like that youd come to almost a full stop or just fall down on the floor, first of all your speed after hitting it, should be reset to a walk speed, you should hurt yourself a bit, and also the door needs to actually match how it happens, so falling almost instantly to the floor i guess.

@Link +1.

Mechanics that we want to play out in game:

  • More prominent / Introduction of inertia
  • Loss of speed when harshly changing direction
  • Tunes to acceleration, further impact of weight on acceleration
  • 'Tagging', player is slowed down when shot (hit)
  • Definitely you should not be able to sprint bash down doors like that showed in the clip. The player needs to lose a lot of speed when sprint bashing through a door.

I think the max move speed is fine and I hope they stop reducing it, but acceleration is the biggest issue in movement right now. We need decent max move speed for the bigger maps and distances. Acceleration and max move speed are different just to clarify.