Improving Gore System


At first i wanna that i already love this game. Keep your great work up. But i would like to see that you improve the Gore System. In my opinion its not authentic enough. If a soldier get his legs ripped off by a grenade he need to scream. Maybe take a look at Rising Storm 2 Gore System. If a soldier get hit by a nade or napalm theyre screaming the sh** out of them^^ That would be add much more realism to this game.

Ive had bots with blown off heads scream lol.

There needs to be more blood coming out of the limbs.

Agree the gore system could use Some more details

Something needs to be done about the people that die to explosions. They are meant to look "burnt" but they just end up looking like they're covered in oil or soot. It looks really terrible.

There are also....other texture-related bugs with corpses...


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The blood puddles they have are pretty realistic for GSWs to the chest but if a limb gets blown off there needs to be muuuch more blood.

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