Something needs to be done with cosmetics

It's not exactly the biggest criticism to deal with atm (server selector asap please), but ive made this acct to just let the devs know that there must be something wrong with unlocking cosmetics when ive unlocked 4 of the same type of insurgent headgear (loose fit white) plus two ninja masks yet have unlocked essentially nothing for shirts/pants for insurgents security. Surely it shouldnt be too hard to make the unlock mechanic be balanced along every category eg you have just as likely a chance to get a hat than you are a shirt/pants +you are just as likely to unlock insurgent items as you are security.

I unlocked comfort sandals at like lvl 2, I think ur luck is just trash my friend.

I think I'm level 54 at this point, so I've had 53 random unlocks and 5300 points to spend.

I can honestly say I love the unlock system, I think they aced it. There is however an actual problem. The XP is awarded at the end of each round, not at the end of the game. It's possible to tick over a level mid-round on a loss and have to go digging through everything to piece together which item you unlocked as you don't get a notification.

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I think the points come too slow. With your 5300 points you can only buy 4 of the expensive cosmetics... I think 150 a level would be ideal.

@thehappybub In the CTA and maybe the first Beta, you'd often get more points on specific levels, like 25 or 30. Levels divisible by 5 or 10 typically. I'd get like 400 AC for reaching level 30 or something in the CTA.

@MarksmanMax sounds like a good mechanic also

Dunno, I hit level 45 within 5 days of beta 2 being out then took a bit of a break. I ran out of things to unlock entirely. I planned the outfit I wanted out from the start, then I got it. My Insurgent is just dressed in random trash, but folks from that area of the world aren't exactly renowned for their colour matching and fashion sense. I wouldn't say it's too slow, I'd say it's right. The fact you unlock more random pieces for your Insurgent is great, too.

The thing is the only random things I ever unlock are insurgent gear, even if I level up while playing security.

Exactly. It's great.

You level up and spend the points on your Security character, which is what 90% of people are going to do. In doing so, you get a whole variety of clothing to put together a unique but ragtag Insurgent outfit.

@whitby eh, it seems kind of weird. I don't know what I would want to see quite yet, but this ain't it chief.