Hitreg/Damage issue (?)

Before I go into this I wanna preface that the hitreg is much better than it was in previous versions, but post-hitreg and dmg patches, there seems to be a new issue(s).
I seemingly die in one shot, much more often than I should be in my opinion. I think that this is a possible issue and not just how the game is, because I'll have heavy armor equipped and seemingly die in 1 pistol or Uzi shot (not headshots).

@alkymist Suck it up buttercup haha jk. Maybe there were other factors at play like had you taken any damage prior possible explosion or a stray bullet maybe you didn’t realize earlier that didn’t kill you. Fall dmg which is actually a thing apparently even though it’s tough to tell if you have taken any unless you die from said fall. There’s always two sides to the story I have literally crept up beside and enemy and put a single bullet straight to the head and saw a spray of blood only for them to not die then turn and kill me... Anyway I don’t know just my two cents!

a fair thing to bring up and ask about, but no, i made absolutely certain before posting this that it was indeed how i explained, and its still happening quite often actually.
there are many examples i can remember where i was certain i didn't take damage before seemingly dying to a small caliber weapon in one hit non-headshot.

Good. The Uzi might actually be viable if this keeps up.

@alkymist Ya don’t know what tell you man I was playing earlier today and had a bad go of things I will mention that I personally want the TTK reduced even more because I was led to believe the dmg model would be that of insurgency source and I can tell you it’s not even close. As I said today was a rough one for me I was shooting people full of AK74 bullets left right and center seeing lots and lots of blood but having much difficulties actually killing people. I came to terms with this and started just spraying the crap out of people at close range to kill them and then immediately discarding my mag as I had next to no ammo left in the mag. Spray..kill..reload..repeat and then 2-5 kills later I would be out of ammo(all 5 mags)! I will mention I don’t always seem to have such a hard time but today was one of them! Don’t know what to say but I never get days where I’m dropping people in one shot! I will also say one more thing that not today in particular but in the past I have literally walked up beside an unsuspecting enemy and shot them straight in the side of the head..blood sprays..towel headed man screams..no death? Anyways ya so.. I just don’t know anymore lots of people want more TTK others want less I would almost wish they would devide the community and make two main modes of core(add a little TTK) and hardcore(remove a little TTK). I tell you in the old insurgency I never had to reload after killing one person it just never happened and I know this is not old insurgency anymore but when I pre-ordered sand storm that is what I was lead to believe I was getting.#itastesalt#insurgencysourceFTW

yeah, ive seen that happen before in videos and streams. i've experienced it too, but not that much.
i have had a couple WTF moments where i pumped someone full of lead, or hit someone multiple times with a 7.62 sniper rifle and just nothing, but those are rare for me. except for the sniping, its a bit more common for hits not to register when sniping at range for me.

but, i dont see how these problems are mutually exclusive. i think that the hitreg, or ttk, or whatever, has problems going both ways, where sometimes people die instantly in weird circumstances like i have described here, or people tanking a lot of hits that should have registered and killed them.

@alkymist I hear you hopefully they can iron things out so it’s more consistent just a little sad for me because even then I know they are never going to go to a dmg model like the source version because it caters to a smaller audience I would imagine. By making it a little harder to kill people it will encourage a wider audience to play right? I believe anyways seems thats what most people want these days. Hey I will still play but I have my sights on a few other games too “Ready Or Not” is looking quite promising reminds me of the good old raven shield days man that game was hard and hardcore! Lol