Point bug and minor bug

Hi sorry for my english.
List of bug (the other bugs have already been reported by other people)

Ep 1 chapter 4
If I choose Elizabeth and I do not drink, I unlock the Clear-Headed trait and I should gain a point in erudition, but by mistake it is given to psychology

Ep 2 chapter 6 - random bug
The analitycal trait is not always unlocked. It's a random bug. I have some rescues before entering Mortimer's secret office. Sometimes the trait is unlocked sometimes not. It can help free inventory of the potions to take those that are there, it also helps not to click on an object more than once and leave the mask last. Please fix it

Ep. 3 chapter 8 (Bug already reported?)

  • The Conviction Vulnerability don't effect to Servant (when ask him outside small saloon room in Mortimer side path)Bug already reported
  • -I could found out about sir Gregory Holm
    I unlock these only if in the first episode I saved Elizabeth (Drink and tell her to escape). It's a Bug? I did not do anything special or different, but above all I do not think I have discovered anything about Sir Holm.

Ep 3 chapter 9

  • The Diversion Vulnerability don't effect to Woolner (confrontation in Peru's room in Mortimer side path)
  • If I analyze Peru and I get the Analist trait I should have 1 point in psychology but it is not assigned, only questioning point is assigned.
  • I could have learned something from Al Azif
    Theoretically it is unlocked when choosing the Holm side (ask to Woolner. To me it's work if in the first episode Elizabeth remain alive)
  • I could have been a witness of Napoleon Bonaparte's resolution
    Theoretically it is unlocked when choosing the Mortimer side.

Minor bug
The paint Le Coup de Lance by Rubens in the Mortimer Office it's wrong. Bug already reported?

Ep 4 chapter 11

When you enter Elizabeth Adams' room and go out onto the balcony, when you want to go back into the room, you are totally stuck between the curtains and the bed, unable to pass. You can only go back to the balcony, which is useless, because the other rooms are blocked. Therefore, with this serious bug, there is no choice but to restart the chapter or wait for a patch to solve the problem.