boot option

Some people spawn as observers that don't play their role, completely running off and ignoring commanders. Others spawn as commanders and do stupid shit like call smoke or drone bombs on our defenders. Asking them nicely doesn't change their behavior, neither does chewing them out.

So maybe out of 10 games, I'd say a solid 5 or 6 have someone like this. That's being conservative. It would be nice if we had an option to boot people like this, or at the very least vote them out of critical roles that directly impact a win or loss.

The mechanic of calling in fire support is kind of dumb, which I think facilitates this kind of stuff.

The observer needs to be up the commander's ass all the time and thats no fun. The momentum of the game also makes it hard to call in fire support in general because by the time it arrives its hitting your team already since you've moved up.

I think the mechanic needs a rework. Something that allows the observer more freedom and doesn't recycle the doi mechanic, which tbh is unrealsitic too.

@thehappybub The old Beta1 mortar / artillery speed was perfect. Arrived pretty fast.

Now it takes the better part of a month before those Chem Mortars show up.