Summit map glitch collection

Hi there!

1: "hole" in the rocks, only visible from one side
2: player stuck location, almost impossible to get out of it

All screenshots contain coordinate info.

1_1537701571228_20180923130528_1.jpg 0_1537701571227_1537627516467-20180922162505_1.jpg

1: bottom of pillars not touching the ground
2: another pillar + chair "floating"
3: minor texture bug / overlap near the edge of the wall (more visible during movement, ingame)

2_1537990980397_20180926211758_1.jpg 1_1537990980397_20180926211738_1.jpg 0_1537990980397_20180926211614_1.jpg

1: floating fridge
2: door not touching the floor
3: some more floating stuff
4: "blocky" shadow / texture bug? maybe it's just on my system (it continues on the wall to the right side)
5-6: I know it's my "fetish", but the barrel and firewood placement seems a bit weird to me (maybe worth an ingame checking)

Yes, some of these things are very minor / subtle, but why not go for perfection? 🙂
Maybe I am just to sensitive to these kind of things, but when something is "out of place", it can really break the immersion.

0_1538041337327_20180927111557_1.jpg 0_1538041348272_20180927112401_1.jpg 0_1538041353333_20180927112504_1.jpg 0_1538041367298_20180927112538_1.jpg
0_1538041739710_20180927112849_1.jpg 0_1538041760441_20180927113014_1.jpg

1-4: some screenshots are not the best representation of it, but there are floating rocks on this summit! 🙂
5: floating box (noticed it during a match, but screenshot is from replay)
6-7: I know I am pushing it again, but those look a bit strange

3_1538248213476_20180929182125_1.jpg 2_1538248213476_20180929182111_1.jpg 1_1538248213476_20180929182045_1.jpg 0_1538248213476_20180929121302_1.jpg 0_1538248248433_20180929193112_1.jpg 1_1538248267649_20180929202712_1.jpg 0_1538248267649_20180929201120_1.jpg

1: a bit more wheel fetish
2: "corridor of the dark"


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