Farmhouse map glitch collection

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1: This one is minor, but you can get stuck when you try to vault over the wall from the top of A capture point, down to the street
It happens at the "curved" parts of the wall and easy to get out of it, by going prone.
2-4: Now this one is strange, I am not even sure about it! 🙂
If you throw a C-4 to these wooden branches, sometimes it bounces of like in other situations. Sometimes the explosive seems to stick to them and even the texture seems to change on it!

All screenshots contain coordinate info.

0_1537773996967_20180923174020_1.jpg 0_1537774013971_20180923174026_1.jpg

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Another glitch on Farmhouse:

  1. Playing as Insurgent
  2. Re-spawn after completing mission item C
  3. Climbing out of the canal towards the left of the stairs to the patio, I got "buried" into the patio and could not get out again

Sorry was not able to capture a screenshot!

1: Texture overlap / flicker
2-3: holes on rocks, visible from one side only
4-6: wheels in air (minor)
7-8: is it just me or strange lights?

0_1538296500911_20180930103205_1.jpg1_1538334463454_20180930202901_1.jpg 0_1538334463454_20180930194848_1.jpg 2_1538334489564_20180930203655_1.jpg 1_1538334489564_20180930203416_1.jpg 0_1538334489564_20180930203036_1.jpg 1_1538334573374_20180930203854_1.jpg 0_1538334573374_20180930203807_1.jpg

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1: there is a white line on the ground at that location, texture problem?