Last night I won a match in CCL and during the end of game animations (so post blue screen to end match) my computer crashed. The match is recorded on GoblinSpy as having finished and recorded my win however, when I click "enter" on the opening screen the ball comes up with it loading but then the "internal server error" flashes up every time after 30 seconds (ish) and I cannot enter the game. I have tried "login" as an option and the same thing occurs. I have also tried logging in on my PC and also my laptop, both to no avail.

The main issue is that I am admin on a league that started last night and I need to start the final division(!) also gotta get me some sweet BB action at some point!

I will be out working but will try to check back here and try anything that gets suggested. I think it might be a case of tweaking something behind the scenes and I am more than happy for the team to be deleted if that is what it takes. Please note my different username here and in-game.

Hellboy_ (23_hellboy in-game)