FYI I'm copying my post from Steam discussion page:
Well, in case anyone reads it - I really do love this game. It has great setting and tone and gameplay is really good. Unfortunately one thing it was lacking and which make me not play it nearly as much as I would like is lack of single content and repeatability of standard single user missions. Outside of low number of story specific missions I miss more differentiation in missions. My main complain here is that while wyrdstone shipping is time limit factor - it is not taken to the point that it can make you lose campaign - at least not if you are a bit familiar with tactic games. I'm not pro by any means and I don't want to play multiplayer competitive but I would really like to have mode in game that would challange me. And to add to that - missions should have custom enemy bands, not matching your own. You should be rewarded for sending bigger squads and hindered if you don't have enough members. And that would go a long way to have custom difficulty levels not only per mission but per campaign. I would pay for this game a 2nd time if I could have that experience in campaign because this game has potential to be soooo good.

I can promise my payment for that update, back on kickstart or anything - just let me know that you're doing that - either in Mordheim or as Mordheim 2 - doesn't care 🙂