September Community Update - Switch Release Date

Hello, and once again welcome to your monthly MudRunner Community Update!

We're getting closer and closer to the release of American Wilds next month on October 23rd on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

We're happy to announce today that MudRunner - American Wilds now has a date for its Nintendo Switch debut: November 27th!

Like the versions on other platforms, the Nintendo Switch version of MudRunner – American Wilds Edition will bring together the new expansion, the base game and all the DLC content released so far, for a total of over 30 vehicles, 60 add-ons, 10 sandbox maps, and 11 challenge maps.

In the lead up to these releases, we've begun showcasing different aspects of the game to you, so that you can see what's coming, and ask us any questions you may have about the content of the game.

Today's community update is going to go into what we've shown since then, and collect it into one place for your easy attention.

Vehicle Presentations

The first vehicle we showed off was the Hummer H1!


You can read the full vehicle presentation for it here.

Secondly, we showed the Chevrolet K5 Blazer!


Read the accompanying vehicle presentation here!


Next, we released a featurette showing one of the new maps coming in American Wilds. You can check it out here, and take a first look at Grizzly Creek!

Youtube Video


We've also done a live stream, where you can see the other vehicles in the game being driven around one of the new maps. We also answer some community questions, so if you're looking to see those vehicles being driven, check it out here on Twitch!

That's all for the MudRunner - American Wilds stuff that we've released up until today's community update. As always, you can expect a new vehicle presentation tomorrow! We'll be showing off a larger vehicle this time.

MudRunner - American Wilds releases on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One October 23rd and on Nintendo Switch on November 27.

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Great! Thx!

Chevy K5 - 2wd (on pic) or 4wd (like in stream video)?

what happened with k5? no more awd? and no new truck presentation?

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The new truck presentation is tomorrow, as said in the bottom of the post.

The Chevrolet image was an incorrect one, the correct one is there now 🙂

I would’ve bet my bottom dollar we were getting pricing with this community update. Seems to be the most common question these days

@stirmygnat Hey, at the time of writing, I wasn't aware of the pricing, but I can now say that the price of the DLC will be $9.99, or your regional equivalent.

@iyagovos said in September Community Update - Switch Release Date:

@stirmygnat Hey, at the time of writing, I wasn't aware of the pricing, but I can now say that the price of the DLC will be $9.99, or your regional equivalent.

Ok. Free is better but we'd like to support you and invest into better and more complex MR2!)
(If only our ruble wasn't so weak...i mean "our regional equivalent ")

@iyagovos $9.99 that's guys are excited for this to come out..thanks for taking the time to listen to your fans and for putting all the new awesome stuff in game

@stazco Same thing here with Argentinian Peso 😛 U're not alone hahaha

@iyagovos oh shoot regional equivalents... that means ill have to pay 3ice amount xd nice

@zamal Georgia, USA? Then why you have to pay 3ice the price? Just curious 😃