It has been confirmed on at least a couple occasions that NWI is exploring the possibility of buying in-game cosmetic currency as their microtransaction of choice but this is uninteresting to me for two reasons.

  1. it cheapens the effort of players who choose not to pay for currency to unlock rare/expensive items (and the value players put on rare items because of that grind has been mentioned as one of the reasons they might be averse to lowering the in-game price of those items)
  2. I would personally never buy something I could get through normal gameplay, even if it took me a year

Unlike many other people, however, I am not completely opposed to the idea of cosmetic microtransactions. In fact, I actually like them when implemented in a compelling way. That being said, assuming microtransactions are definitely going to be in the game in one form or another, what ideas do you have that are more appealing to you than the apparent current favorite idea of paying for regular in-game cosmetic currency?

I saw someone on steam forums suggest adding watch cosmetics to the game and I think this would be an example of a perfect item to use for a paid-only cosmetic. A watch would be completely unobtrusive and have no effect on gameplay, yet still gives you the opportunity to add some very prominent tacticoolness to your first-person character model and show off to any other watch nerds interested in looking close enough. What do you think? Any other ideas? I know I would personally probably never buy in-game cosmetic currency but I could definitely imagine myself buying a watch.