Since beta I have been experiencing graphical stuttering approx. every 3-4 minutes while in a match. It seems to happen less if i've been playing longer in a single sitting but I have no data to back this up. It seems to happen mostly when rounding a corner, or walking outside after being inside a building.

I can watch the performance of my computer on a second screen while this is happening and none of my resources are every close to being at 100%. I do notice that while the stuttering is happening my GPU utilization will drop to 0%. The stuttering last a couple of seconds and then returns to normal.

I have experimented with a variety of graphical settings with no effect. Currently I have it set to "Auto". I have also disabled steam overlay and am playing the game in full-screen. The game is running off of a SSD.

Other specs:

CPU: i5 2500K
GPU: GTX 780

If I can provide any other information please let me know. I really love this game when it's running normally!