Hi guys,

Thank you for all your hard work and effort. I've really enjoyed the game so far. Just wanted to raise 2 things.

I'm not sure whether or not objective captures/kill points go toward our level progression at the conclusion of every round.

Is this the case? I notice that the level progression counts team offensive/defensive kills and objective ticks but could our total score in a game also please contribute to level progression (in the event that it doesn't)?

I feel this would give players greater incentive to play the objective. We all know how frustrating it is when they don't.

I've noticed some overt accuracy problems with the marksman rifles

When defending with a sniper rifle, I've often gone prone, deployed a bipod, held shift (focus - 7X scope) and fired dead-on a still target only to miss several times at greater ranges.

It's not a matter of bullet drop, the bullet will simply miss the target on the left, right or above direction.

I understand that balance/fairness would see a bit of inaccuracy occur from time to time but the sniper has been, in my opinion, too unreliable to continue using.

I feel that inaccuracy should result less frequently in the event that you are prone, using bipod and shift all at once.

Thank you heaps for your hard-work and time spent reading.