7 mins wait for Preparing Server

"Preparing Server" seemed stuck. I waited 7 mins before cancelling.
I finished a coop game as the last team player. In the match result window I selected "Next Match". Search switched to Preparing Server sometimes before 0:50s. And stayed in this mode until I Cancelled.

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@ihvh1969 I’ve waiting in “preparing server” (versus) for over 10 mins before!

Yeah im now experiencing this issue as well. Whats going on? Has this been an issue for long, it was fine for me on monday

@fearthemoose It’s rather hot or miss but honestly hasn’t happened to me much.

Had this happen to me and several other steam friends at the same time which leads me to assume there was an issue with the server for a bit. After 10 mins we we're all able to connect. This has happened more than once.