Common rules

Each unit has Actions Points (AP). They are spent for actions like Interaction, Close Assault or Movements. The AP count is reset at the beginning of a new turn.

Only the Terminators can retrieve additional AP (AP Squad) by converting a Card.

Convert a Card has a different effect depending of the faction you play.

Only Terminators need to have a line of sight in order to use certain actions (ie: Shoot Action with a Storm Bolter). A line of sight can be obstructed by a unit or an Interactive Object (ie: doors).

A Full Turn is the addition of Terminator + Genestealer Turns.

At the end of their Turn, each opponent draw the necessary amount of cards to have 3 of them in hand. If they already have 3 cards (or more) at the end of their turn, no cards are drew.

We advise you to set the timer to the maximum value for your first missions.


4 AP at the beginning of a turn.

Every movement costs AP. Due to their heavy armors, the cost depends of the direction (turn around or step back cost 2AP instead of 1AP):

AP Squad can only be retrieve by converting one Card per Turn. They are shared within all the units.

Terminator can shoot against a target or on a square only if it is in his line of sight:


You are not forced to wait the end of a unit’s animation to play an other one: orders for Terminators can be stacked and will be played in the same order.

It is also working with the commands Play and Convert for Cards in your hand.


6 AP at the beginning of a turn for a basic Genestealer.

Movements cost AP, but due to their agility, they can turn around for free.

Genestealer Player can bring more units on the battlefield by converting one Card per Turn. Each Genestealer Card has 2 Blips values on its right top.

Each Blip contain an amount of Genestealers hidden inside of it. The values are between «0» (lure) and «3». A lure Blip of «0» will disappear after a short time (Alpha Closed test: 1 turn).


The Genestealer player Turn is subdivised in 2 separated phases:

  • Conversion phase
  • Action phase

Conversion phase

Only in this Phase a card can be converted in order to retrieve Blips. After the conversion, Blips to place are visible on the bottom of screen. The can do it only by selecting Entries Points. There are a limited amoint of Slots inside an Entry Point.

Ending manually this Phase is the only way to trigger the next one.

Action phase

Units can be deployed and used.

To bring out a Blip, you have to follow those steps:

  • move your cursor hover an Entry Point (no click is necessary)
  • Click or press A
  • Choose the blip you want in the wheel that has appeared above the entry point
  • once the Blip you want is highlighted, press A (GamePad) or click (mouse)
  • the Blip is now on the battlefield and no more inside the entry point

Once you have selected a blip or a genestealers, you are not allowed to switch and use another one until you have:

  • used all of your AP
  • reveal the blip

If you want to switch to another blip or genestealer, you have to "validate" your actions with it by clicking the "red cross" in the action bar. You can also hold right click or hold B on your game pad. Doing so, your unit turns inactive until next turn.


Special Units

In order to have a Special unit on the battlefield, you need first to Play the corresponding card in your hand on the specified Blip and to have the required amount of Menace Point (or MP).

Once the Blip has been chosen, you will have to wait your next Turn before the unit appears.

Special01 : Bulwark Biomorph

This unit is slower than its kind: 4 AP (instead of 6) but it requires 2 successful dices (instead of 1) in order to kill it. These successes can be splited : one can come form a shot with a Storm Bolter and the second one from a close Assault Action.

Special02: Reaperfex Biomorph

His agility allows him to cross over squares already occupied by other units or Interactive Object.
He also has 8 AP (instead of 6).

Special03 : Broodlord

  1. He can use the action Vanish (the cost is 6 AP) which allows to move from its current square to an other one on the battlefield.

Player has to choose an eligible square nearby to do this action: < 13 squares from its origin ; > 4 to an opponent’s unit ; > 10 to an extract point

  1. If the unit is beyond 7 squares from a Terminator: 1 adjacent square of the Broodlord is an entry area for Blip

Special04: Miasmic Biomorph

When it dies, his body spills a gaz on its square (visually for the Close Alpha we used flames). It lasts 1 turn. Every cost for a Terminator’s movement in this area costs double.



Keyboard / Mouse

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