Suggestion: Scope Styles

Now that there area number of new scopes added to the game, some serving similar roles to others just with different names, I think a scope style feature would help in reducing UI clutter and simplifying scope selection. What I mean is, instead of listing all available scopes, listing the different zooms (1x, 1.5x, 2x, and 4x). Then, when selecting a zoom, list available types of optics in that range in a separate window or interface. That way, it also leaves room to add more varieties of scopes in the future without taking more space in the UI.

The thing is that the different scopes feature varying visibility that certain players prefer over others. Adding another branch to the UI isn't going to reduce clutter, it'll just make it more complicated imo.

No, I understand what he meant. He wants there to literally be only options for "1x, 2x, etc etc" under scope selection. Then when you choose one of those it will then give you options... Doing it that way would keep the scopes list from taking up an entire page in the menu. Not a bad idea...but perhaps only necessary for 1x, and 4x

@amurka wouldn't that introduce more branching though ... itll turn into word 2007 with all the damn menu branches.

TBH editing loadouts becomes less and less common the more you play, so I really don't see this as a necessity. Eventually you have all the presets you'll ever need for any situation (and more, since you can't delete them!)

@amurka true. Speaking of that, I hope they had an ability to set loadouts before joining a game.

@amurka speak for yourself. I still end up spending a bit of time doing and redoing my weapons. Having a more streamlined UI would really help me decide what I want haha. I feel it's a bit overwhelming ATM