more dynamics in the final/evacuation

I think at the endgame something should be changed.
In 75% of the game I can only watch camper, which wait in some bushes or in the smoke on the helicopter that someone uses the rope or someone passes by.

I have the following things in mind:

  • spawning anomalies, such as in contaminated areas, which are increasingly spreading in the direction of the helicopter
  • spawning wolves, so that the "camping" players are forced to shoot and thus divulge their hiding (I find that really adorable, especially since "fear the wolfes" would give a deeper meaning)
  • the smoke on the helicopter, has to be changed, too often you just do not see people squatting in the right positions in the smoke
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You suggest people can get killed by an anomaly and a wolf at the most important fight in the battle? Are you dumb? They're already dangerous enough. In your case it won't be about who's better but who's luckier. Stupidest idea ever

Nah. I kinda like hide and seek. I usually wait for a fog to get around and shoot people in the back. Yeah the game suffers from lots of bad design but this is not it

YOU can also argue objectively and do not insult!
It is my opinion!

the anomalies are definitely not a risk for experienced players and wolves are not long: D

Then do what you obviously do best, camp. However, there are certainly enough players that the gecampe just bothers.

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Someone who feels the need to say it's his opinion isn't worth talking to cos he's an idiot. Are you here to express someone else's opinion? Dumbass. It's not a Quake game. What a surprise your camping argument is dumb

Be nice, please, both.

Anomalies and wolves already increase, in frequency, the closer it gets to the end of the game. Anomalies more so than wolves, but wolves increase as well.

As far as the smoke, no need to change it. It's there to add cover. Deal with it.

Well for the suggestions i say NO for anomalies as we kinda already have this adrenaline infection appearing after some time in copter square alike but i gotta say YES tol wolves as they will make ppl move instead of camping like the adrenaline infection does,thus saying adding wolves makes sense,like make ppl move before the adrenaline infection kicks in.

Anomalies are great, they are a natural part of the game. Remember it's Stalker-based, it's THE ZONE.