Specific hotkeys for grenades

It gets annoying having to press the 3 key over and over to get the grenade I want. Would it be possible for us to get grenade hotkeys so we can instantly select the one we want like in Counter-Strike?

Agreed. Cycling through items is ridiculous and time-consuming. Not that it needs to be said, but when I have a bunch of stuff strapped to my body, I'm not going to grab one, then put it away and then grab another, put that away and finally grab the one I want.

Each explosive slot needs a bind key.

I believe you can bind the grenade key to whatever you want in the settings.

What he means is that he wants to be able to pull out the RIGHT grenade on the first try, if say... he is carrying a smoke, an incendiary, and a frag.

@tooth-decay You misunderstand. I'm not talking about the generic 'select equipment' key.

In Counter-Strike, every type of grenade can have its own bind. So you could bind the F key to flashbangs and just hit F whenever you want to use one instead of having to hit the grenade key over and over to get to the flashbang.
(But don't confuse this for a Halo or COD style grenade key. It just selects and equips the grenade. It doesn't automatically prime it to throw.)

It'd be a lot more convenient to use utility if Sandstorm implemented a similar mechanic.